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10 Best Businesses That Can Fetch You Good Money Every Month

10 Best Businesses That Can Fetch You Good Money Every Month

But citizens of other countries have been taking into account the many issues and problems related to our security climate and small-scale business. it’s because we see what many of these foreigners are pursuing, a growing business inventory.

Many Nigerians are blind because every challenge around them provides a way to get economical business opportunities for their investment. It can be the ability to provide solutions to public problems, especially in developing countries, in order to achieve economic progress.

After reviewing myself, including years of experience as a business consultant, I gather the most important investment opportunities we can finally get.

Then anyone can start an up-to-date list of profitable businesses.

Nigeria’s top ten chances of victory

1. Provide security

Forming a security company can be a profitable business.

We have all concluded that we must be responsible for the preservation of our lives and property, so it is not surprising that people have found safety clothing provided by security personnel to men, bodyguards for rich people, guards security of banks and large. Providing security to companies can sometimes also be a lucrative business idea.

Here’s what you need to ask for your security company’s contracts.

2. Sale of steel rods, cements and other building materials

Buying and selling cement and other building materials, tiles, roofing sheets, metal doors, reinforcements, asbestos among others, can be a very rewarding investment if you check the number of recent construction projects that are they are doing it every day all over the country.

I have two colleagues who are constantly making millions with these profitable companies. You can’t refer to the company as you grow your business

purchase and sale of construction materials.

3. Land business

One way to get rich quick is to land and travel to the real estate business. This profitable business of buying and selling land and housing can be a way to make money, I would always recommend it to people with capital, but they are confused with the simpler business to take a position.

Many people only make money from multiple accounts without taking a specific step toward entrepreneurship.

Real estate investing is crucial, but collaborating with other investors is one of the lowest and lowest cost accommodations, student hostels, hotels, shopping malls and an event center. basic need, “refuge”

4. Restaurant business

The kitchen business is another hot business that moves fast right away. This good business is one that generates a lot of money in everyday business because food is not a luxury.


If you get the right location for the business and provide the necessary skills, you will create the wealth of this business idea.

5. Internet business

Many people, even students, earn millions online every month legitimately. handy bloggers like famous bloggers like Abe, or LindaIkeji’s Linda also talked about big online stores like Konga and Jumia.

Online business is now one of the most profitable small businesses that make money in Nigeria.

Thanks to the large heritage population of the country, web entrepreneurs earn a lot of dollars

providing services in affiliate marketing, information marketing, mass SMS services, payment exchange, web design and development, SEO, etc.

6. Small scales Production

Does a pregnant mother need a profitable foster business in Nigeria?

Another powerful item on this hot business list is the production of cosmetics and fashion accessories. After the fruitful occupation, many

Graduates have found great wealth in the production of brushes, braces, candles, soap, shampoo, paint, milling, bleach, insecticides and other household products.

These are just some of the goal-setting programs you can use to get started.

It’s worth noting that the number of these products will start with production as low as N5000, but you’ll know how successful your packaging and marketing is. it is usually among the most prosperous housing companies today.

7. Livestock farming

Raising money for animals can be a safe flood for wealth. The list of businesses that are profitable companies is among the poultry and livestock companies. this is often due to the import of fish and poultry products recently banned by the government because demand cannot meet demand.

Pigs, goats, rabbits, snails, cows farming, grasscutter farming are other areas of this lucrative business idea you’ll invest in.

8. Contracting company

There are now more than five million young people unemployed and so with the growing population of graduates in recent years, most companies have resorted to their hiring process.

Many of them cannot be put under the stress of hiring, and are not curious about hiring permanent employees. This has benefited the contract staff from providing these companies, as well as providing CV rewriting and staff training services.

9. Transportation and haulage businesses

For people who have the time to run this business, transportation is one of the most lucrative businesses. Whether international or domestic, it is one of the most profitable businesses to start a transportation business. You will know that most investors recover their initial capital within a couple of months.

Achieving fuel-efficient vehicles and reliable drivers are key to the success of the transportation business. While management increases, the transportation of petroleum products and companies is an honest investment idea. What some are doing is buying a truck to double the return on a weekly or monthly transportation and logistics business.

10. Plantation farming

Planting is the easiest small-scale business option because it provides a stable source of income for most farmers. Today, there are several products a year that only products can be taken out and sold.

If you are thinking of starting a plantation farm, you should buy cheaper land and start planting crops, cocoa, cuckoo, oil palm, glue nuts and other crops.

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