10 Fast Selling Products in Nigeria

10 Fast Selling Products in Nigeria.

1. Cheap toys

You will agree with me that it is a fast product sold like water in Nigeria. Many parents buy cheap toys for their children to stop their worries. Cheap toys, such as those sold for less than 300, are quick-selling products in the toy market.

It would not be a bad idea to do this work, because during the holiday season you can manage this work as a seasonal job.

Children are the biggest motivator and you can easily convince them to buy with a kind word and smile.

2. Recharge card

This is another fast product that you and I can’t do in Lagos, Nigeria. You can start by looking for a good place to do this (it would be very helpful to be very busy), contact the various chain dealers you want to sell at the nearest designated office and buy at wholesale price and sell to end customers. . .

If you want to be a wholesaler and merchant at the same time, you can choose the other side by printing the charge card yourself. You get a better profit by printing the charging card and selling it to the seller.

There are processes to start with this method. You need to research it yourself to get proven information about it.

3. Pure Water

You know that my list may not be complete if I do not include bottled water in the list of fast-selling products in Nigeria. The amount of bottled water consumed by Nigerians per day cannot be described. The water in the bag is on the table.

This job can start with an ice block of up to 200 and go well.

4. Soap and detergent

Everyone in Nigeria uses soap and detergent, liquid or solid. Many of these products are in high demand in the Nigerian market. Make sure you sell it daily, as soaps and detergents are generally used for laundry.

If you are looking for a high demand product in Nigeria, this one is for you.

5. Power Bank

It is an electronic product that sells more than a phone in the electronic market in Nigeria. You need to know why not? Due to the problem in Nigeria’s energy distribution sector, Nigerians have always bought power banks to use their phones to support them.

My phone has a backup when the power goes out. The power bank has different capabilities and sizes. If you have capital, you can order a cheap energy bank from or and sell it in Nigeria.

6. Noodles

It is one of the most consumed products in Nigeria. This is a food that children can not avoid. The product sells fast in Nigeria because the company only helps to advertise when people are in the position to buy the product.

The funny thing is that parents do not deny their children a love for the product, which in turn brings benefits. Some even buy cartoons for home consumption.

7. Kerosene

It is another fast product in Nigeria. If you use kerosene for any purpose, you should know.

This product is widely used in rural and urban areas. Used for cooking and local lights. I do not know how to explain this, but I know that the demand is much higher than gasoline.

8. Books

The demand for books cannot be described as the number of schools opens every day with all its shortcomings and requirements. Books are very important for learning. Schools can’t be without books, and staying as a bookseller means a lot of money, especially during renovations.

9. Used clothing and footwear (Okrika)

If you are coming to Nigeria quickly, you should consider the items used, such as clothes and shoes. Some people don’t like to buy used clothes, but the average buyer in the market is looking for a bargain.

If you use quality, clean and ineffective clothes for sale, you can earn a lot in this market.

Any goods you want to sell in the market should be available and cheap. The clothes used are suitable for both students. If you keep prices low, you can easily sell large quantities.

10. Non-alcoholic beverages

Fresh drinks like Coca-Cola are sold in Nigeria without any effort from distributors, wholesalers or retailers. Whether you go to a wholesaler or a retailer in this business, it is a lucrative business and the profit margin is good.

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