10 Jobs That May Disappear In The Next 10 Years – See If Your Job Is On The List

10 Jobs That May Disappear In The Next 10 Years – See If Your Job Is On The List

I know that for some the future is incredibly exciting filled with new technologies and new opportunities, but for some the future doesn’t look as bright and we want to raise some concerns with you guys!

A study done at Oxford University found out that 45% of all current jobs will disappear in the next 10 year with some of them being completely automated or at least upgraded to a point where a fraction of the workforce is needed. So, this will greatly impact the way you plan for the future as the environment is changing. If you’re currently working in either of these industries it might be a smart call to look for alternatives, don’t say I didn’t warn you! With that said, Below are 10 occupations which are likely to vanish or be automated over the next 10 years.

Number 1: Drivers

Let me put it that way, if your job is to drive some form of machinery, car or truck, you will soon be out of work. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, uber drivers and delivery drivers are ALL on the verge of full automation.

There are 15.5 million trucks and 2 million tractor-trailers on the road in the US alone, and 14 million people working by the trucking industry out of which 10 million are drivers. Those are the people that would be driven out first, since a self-driving truck doesn’t need to pause for rest, is attentive to the road 24/7 and we have the technology already. Believe it or not, the government in Germany has already backed this and they are betting heavily on self-driving vehicles.

The next generation of autonomous tesla cars will be 100 percent. Elon himself admits that making the software right would take us 1 or 2 years, and then 3 more to get the government to approve it. Both the big car manufacturers are going for Electric & Self Driving cars and those not left behind. Riding a car shortly would be like getting on an elevator. You just press a button and you’ll be taken to wherever you want. So, what will happen to the 20 million projected to have their livelihoods focused on being successful drivers?

Such individuals will need to reinvent themselves many times in a row! This might be simple if you’re a 20-30 year old at the moment, but what can a 50 + year old taxidriver be readapted to? Not sure these people will be able to move to virtual worlds from taxi driving to 3d modeling, but we’ll see.

Number 2: Farmers

When it came back in the day to jobs numbers, farming was massive! That has made a drastic shift. In the undeveloped parts of the world, you may still see agriculture as an intensive human-labor, but on a macro level, this has already been automated and very few specially trained individuals who operate heavy machinery from the office’s comforts through wireless connections. You had to calculate your plot of land physically back in the day, you had human labor to root it out, and you needed another group of people to collect and move the end product to where it was needed.

Now, we ‘re testing stuff with drones or satellite imagery, the soil is already being treated for weeds or the seeds are weed resistant to start. Thanks to advanced equipment, harvesting and planting can be achieved in a tiny fraction of the time, and the trucks will be driving themselves very soon.

In the near future, carrying the title of “Farmer” would be as highly rated as banker or hedge fund managers, as when it comes to what you eat there will only be a handful of people getting an oligopoly. If it sounds absurd to you that only a few people are going to be in charge of our meals, you ‘re already too late at the table!

Today almost every major food and beverage brand in the world is owned by COMPANIES.

Everything you eat originates from one of them. Such firms — Nestlé, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars, British Foods Association, and Mondelez. Welcome to the Aluxers of the future!

Number 3: Printers & Publishers

The newspaper is gone, mainstream media are failing as the internet eats up everything. You don’t get your news from the papers any more, you get them as they happen through twitter or livestreams. Both the conventional magazines are struggling not to survive one or the other for their lives but to survive as a whole.

If you’ve watched our video on Forbes Magazine, you know they ‘re on the brink of failure, despite their huge move into digital and having such a powerful brand. Data is free, and there are very few publishers where brand trust is necessary to keep the engines running.

A perfect example is The New York Times, one of the few newspapers that effectively introduced a paywall to access written material for subscribers. Can you imagine if we’d enforce a paywall on ALUX.COM where you guys will have to pay $1 to find out what’s the world’s most expensive car? We would be out of business quicker than you could utter “Luxury” Big brands as struggling to find their place in this online-first world with the democratization of news outlets.

You are unlikely to get your news from TV Networks unless you are in your 50s or older. When Trump is watching FOX News, we are helping the Patreon on YouTube of Philip DeFranco here!

Number 4: Cashiers

America alone has 8 million cashiers and salespersons working in store.

Sooner than they think these people will be out of a job. I know you’ve seen the self-checkout stations and they still have somebody overseeing them or they’re buggy now and then, but in this space we ‘re not far from taking over the machines completely. If you’ve been following what the biggest giants in commerce are doing, connecting the dots is easy.

Amazon purchased Whole Foods for nearly $14 trillion.

The same amazon, runs pilot tests with what they call Amazon Go, a corner store involving 0 people, where you just walk in, get what you need and walk out, with everything you purchased automatically deducted from your credit card. Sensors are on the rise and for the switch to be made the tech needs to be only a little bit better than the human counterpart. The AI cashiers can also go to the workplace 24/7 without bringing the drama to the workplace to pass through “in their personal lives.”

Number 5: Travel Agents

When was the last time you went on booking a flight to a travel agency?

Skyscanner’s likes have taken over the flight ticket industry, over the hotel reservation industry and Airbnb is disrupting the entire hotel business. There’s no need for a third person to reserve the flight or hotel room for us, we can do it on our own, or better yet, you can tell SIRI to book it for you.

Number 6: Manufacturing Workers

When the industrial revolution hit, all the people who worked in the fields moved to work in factories that handcrafted the machines to make life easier. In the process, and with the advancement of technology, these same people were entrusted with building machines that would build other machines that would eliminate human need.

A fun thing to do is to compare how cars were built in Volkswagen ‘s factories, and how they are built today, less than a hundred years ago. Multiple people back then worked in tandem to put the end product together, while you are watching simple software at work today. A while ago we heard this great quote stuck with us and it goes like this: “The future factory will have only 1 human and 1 dog. The human will be there to feed the dog and the dog will be there to keep the human from touching the machines”

Number 7: Dispatchers

I know you’re probably thinking about the days when someone had to manually connect you to a different line to talk to someone, but today an astonishingly high number of people are still working as dispatchers. The dispatcher ‘s role is to coordinate the operators on the field so things run smoothly for everyone.

Whether you’re a firefighter dispatcher, working with aircraft, police, or ambulances, it doesn’t matter, we already have technology that massively outperforms you in your job, and now we’re just figuring out the final touches on the best way to deploy the technology.

One algorithm makes its way into your shipping niche, your job is over!

Number 8: Waiting tables & Bartending

Yeah, not all of them are going to be gone, but the majority certainly already has one foot out of the door. Of course , social interaction is needed but that’s not always the case. Sometime you just want to sit down, get the food to your table as soon as possible, enjoy a specific mixture of alcoholic beverages and then leave.

All of which can be substituted with a carefully documented algorithm and an ipad. More and more restaurants all over the world are jumping in on that trend. In our previous videos we have even mentioned some of the cool restaurants around the world that you should try and we made that video a year ago.

EATSA’s likes have since taken over and are here to stay!

Number 9: Bank Tellers

I’m sorry to say this because the lady at our bank has always been really good to me, but we’re not going to the social interaction store. To be frank, when a visit is really needed, we no longer go to the bank, or rather rarely. Instead, we check the smartphone’s balance, even the people on our payroll automatically get their money transferred to their accounts, without them having to fill out their information manually and physically in a file.

You just use an ATM if you want to grab cash. You can open a bank account online to most banks in the world and you can get the job done with a video call only if you are looking for specialist services that you will need to reach in person, and only then.

Number 10: Military Pilots & Soldiers

The Military is the most creative sector! She’s the first to support and deploy it. If wars were determined back in the day on the basis of who had the greatest number of soldiers, today it’s a play on technology.

You don’t see men carrying bayonets and riding horses in combat anymore as it would be inefficient. Drones can strike a target more accurately than any person without endangering the life of the “pilot” sitting safely on the other side of the world in a chair. Human soldiers are still in need but not as we know them. Those are the special forces, the best of the best that are only used when no other equipment is at hand.

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