10 Most Disrespected But Lucrative Businesses That Are Capable Of Giving You N150,000 Monthly

In Nigeria, there are some jobs that are highly contemplated. People involved in these jobs or companies often regret it and are not considered in society

10 Most Disrespected But Lucrative Businesses That Are Capable Of Giving You N150,000 Monthly

In Nigeria, there are some jobs that are highly contemplated. People involved in these jobs or companies often regret it and are not considered in society. Shame and self-esteem are usually required to get involved in the wind in order to get involved. But it is very unfortunate that some people who find these people uncharming do not earn better money in their so-called white-collar and prestigious job. Ironically, people who do this “weird work” have an enviable standard of living without people knowing it. Below are some of the most disrespected jobs you never know paid very well in Nigeria:


The bottled water industry, commonly known as the pure water business, is a lucrative business that many young graduates will never want to pursue because they feel it is not prestigious to participate with them. do not be. But surprisingly, those who operated it made a lot more money than white-collar workers would offer.

Some white-collar job can give an employee N1,000 a day, and that would be N30,000 a month, but someone who sells packaged water and does it well can earn 3 times the amount, depending on location. You know the cost of a water bag; You also know the selling price per bag and go for it yourself. Also, everyone should drink water, right?


It is almost a common belief, especially for young graduates, that agriculture is aimed at the uncultivated and uneducated settlers, but in the real business regime, farmers are perhaps richer than most bank managers we see walking. Agriculture is a very lucrative business, but the Nigerian believes it has no prestige and many young people don’t even get an idea. If you still have doubts, try to determine why the Agricultural Development Bank is one of the richest banks in Nigeria.


It may seem very ridiculous to tell someone who values ​​prestige that they consider going into toilet management. The truth is that if you can build a toilet management in a heavily populated area, you have earned a fortune. It is a composite gold and oil mine. With the invention of bio-gas, there is a good future for this business. If only some of our unemployed graduates tried instead of wandering the streets and looking for white-collar jobs, life would be much better for them than they ever thought possible.


Due to the growing number of weddings, funerals and parties taking place across the country, hoteliers are currently among the people with the most calls. One thing about catering is that the returns you get depend on how you run the business. The one who pays more if he owns your business. It also requires you to be hardworking, as there are many competitors in the business.

Many do not appreciate this business here in Nigeria, but if you get used to popularizing the business, you will be one of the rich! Have you ever wondered why there is always a crowd at fast food establishments like Mr Biggs and Tantalizer? Now, you have your answer.


As fun and humiliating as it is, the bitter truth is that animal husbandry is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Don’t allow yourself to be demoralized by the cheeky dress of the people involved or even by the fact that animals can be very cheeky.

One calf costs about N30,000, two costs about N60,000. If you have a husband and wife, you are already busy. This is a long-term investment that will pay off much later in life, as an adult cow or bull can sell for between N100,000 and N200,000, depending on the size of the animal. Cows also breed quickly and can absorb a lot of money in a few days. I’m sure when the money starts rolling, you don’t remember all the peacock you had to do with your bare hands.


This work ranges from repairs to cars or other types of engines, generators, etc. Settings, but no matter what you specialize in. This is because it is a business where you have a lot of people saying daily, because people who own cars can’t do it without doing it for repairs or daily inspections and you see the fact that almost everyone has a car. Although this profession is not respected in Nigeria, it gives thousands of naira daily.

Some bank managers can’t really be compared to a successful mechanic. Repairing the car is a must at the time you need to have it. While they may seem crazy about the nature of their work, you can agree with me that they won’t look like this once they start to expand. The amazing thing about this business is that you don’t have to use the profits to buy more raw materials because all the raw materials you need are in your hands and in your head.


If only managers learned to save, the world would realize how profitable business management is in Nigeria. Who really respects a “tro-tro”? But many of the people who got it started with a single car, and today most of its commercial vehicle fleet became millionaire cash, even if it doesn’t look like it. Even big truck drivers also make a lot of money.


If you find a coconut seller, don’t underestimate or observe his work, they can be much richer than you. It’s one of the most lucrative businesses out there and many of us don’t respect work, they pay for it. Some of them invest their income in other businesses that offer along with the sale of coconut. They may not seem like millionaires to you, but they live well and may be better than some people waiting for the government to retire.


All these women you see in the market selling well-loaded things, but they will never openly admit it. Some of them are single mothers or widows who could pay their children’s fees up to their university level from the business world. Some have their own houses and cars, but they seem simple and miserable. Don’t be fooled by their looks, they are much richer than you think.

So, you see, you don’t have to respect that job because it’s so much better than pensioners who have nothing to show for their long years of service.


You have to agree with me that this is the contempt of all businesses that are not respected in this list. There are those who curse them, especially if they obstruct the road while struggling with heavy loads. No one ever wants to call themselves a truck driver! But the fact is that these people we contemplate in society are great real men. They earn three times more than fuel consumers. Depending on the business, they can be as high as N100,000 to N150,000.

The only problem with them is that they tend to spend a lot of money on food and drugs, because of such tedious work, but it depends a lot on how the person does business. The prudent among them who have accepted their current terms tend to spend less and are always able to save enough to act in other businesses. After all, a truck pusher was spotted answering a call in the middle of his work. The ribs will break because of his very humorous response to the caller who is allegedly his girlfriend: “Baby, please call me later, I’m driving.” Lol!

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