10 Things You must sacrifice If you want to be Rich quickly.

10 Things You must sacrifice If you want to be Rich quickly.

1.Sacrifice luxurious life.

If you want to be rich then you must learn to live a simple life.Learn to buy cheap and decent clothes rather than running for the expensive fashion out there.Use ordinary phones and TV set don’t compete with your peers for expensive things.

A popular saying that goes, the rich buy luxury last while the poor buy luxury first.

2.Sacrifice social media.

Use social media for business.All your accounts on social media should help you earn a living.Spending most of your time on social media without earning anything in it will make you poor in the long run.Somebody once said it and I have proved it that most of the billionaires we see around don’t own a social media account.Why,it is a waste of time and also note that time is money.

3.Sacrifice friendship with people who are not ambitious

All friends who make excuses in life should not be close to you.You need to cut friendship with negative people if you want to succeed.

4.Sacrifice some sleep

A Normal human being should sleep for eight hours.If you want to be rich sacrifice some sleep, sleep late and wake up early.I don’t mean you should wake up at 5a.m, no, wake up before 7a.m so that you plan your day well.

5.Sacrifice blame game

Many people find it nice to blame somebody for blocking them from succeeding, you find them blaming their parents or teachers or even friends.Blame games gives you the comfort to continue staying in your deplorable state.Please my friend, change your mind set for you to succeed.

6.Sacrifice your fear of losing.

You need to let go the fear of failure.If you step out or not you have failed. Stepping out and having faith in yourself is the first step to your success.

7. Sacrifice your impatience

Many people want instant richness.Being rich can’t be an overnight event.It is a long term procedure endowed with patience.Seeing your wealth grow day by day is the joy of everyone.

8.Give up your low self-esteem

Low self-esteem means having an attitude that you are not able to be rich. Looking down upon yourself is a terrible attitude that will take you to a grave of poverty.Changing this attitude completely will enable one be successful.

9.Give up your hatred for books

The school curriculum won’t teach you how to be rich.In order to be rich read financial books written by people who have practically become rich.This will open up your mind

10.Give up the thought of easy life.

Be willing to pay the price otherwise you won’t be rich.

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