10 Uncommon Businesses In Nigeria That Will Make You Rich In Just Few Months

When it comes to engaging in businesses and hustling Nigeria is one of the most respected country in the world, but the problem most of our youths are facing is how to start up a good business with just little capital.

Most of the time, most people thinks that starting up a good business requires large amount of capital but if you want to become successful in life you have to be determined and have the seal of the likes of Bill gates, Aliko Dangote and Mark Zuckerberg who turned their little capital into an unfinished large amount of money.

So in this article i am very determined to teach you how you can use your little capital, your energy, and your will to turn your chicken change into something the world will begin make good reference with.

Did you know that there alot of start ups with little or no capital that you can start with in Nigeria? Who said you should not start a small business because of the lack of capital? I will show you in this article 20 viable businesses with little or no capital that you can start with in Nigeria.

So, without a big sum of money, we will show you how to develop your business. You can make a living from these business ideas in Nigeria. All you have to do here is study these business ideas and stay glued to this page while i take you on a ride to becoming one of the greatest of all time.

1. Teaching

Do you know something and want to pass it to others? Do you have vast experience? Are you bilingual, strong in mathematics or physics and even English language or in foreign languages? Become a Tutor now.

As a mentor and even a head of a professional education center, you will start working in this area effectively, this business requires no start up capital and if you are really serious about it you will make huge amount of money because most parents in Ghana are always looking for someone to take their children on tutorials and you can seize this opportunity at least still better than been idle.

2. Bee Raring

I know you are suprised when you saw this on the list, right? actually this is a very good business you can start will little capital and the return is particularly impressive. A close colleague of mine started this business with just as little as 10k Naira and he’s almost a millionaire right now.

This is how works, firstly it is important to have a hives in which bees collect their honey. It is possible to produce very clean honey. The consistency of the honey from shops is not always trusted because it doesn’t indicate where and what it’s made.

You can buy this valuable commodity from farmers directly as people often appreciate and tend to spend more on natural and undiluted honey which people regards as working the best. Honey is known for having many uses, people use it for variety of things including which isn’t limited to treatment of all kind of wounds or illness.

3. Sale of excess and overdue items for recycling

Believe me friends, this business is one of the best in Nigeria. I know it might sound odd to you but all you have to do is read through this very well and come back to thank me later.

I am very certain that 90% percent of the time, you like to throw out your wastes, but after reading this please i beg you learn to turn this wastes into making huge amount of money with them.

This business is just as if you are selling waste materials to recycling companies which is highly profitable, all you have to do here is locate some of the companies who needs these waste products and they are ready to pay for it.

For instance, you always throw out your bread after it’s expiration, nevertheless, it may be used as feed for livestock because they use it to feed fishes in the pounds so all you have to do is locate these pounds and start selling to them.

The same applies to confentioneries. It is important that such waste is taken from the production companies who are no more using them and start selling to farmers. This business in Nigeria could be a life changer.

4. Sale of a barrel of milk

This is another lucrative business you can start with little capital and start making good income from it. As you are aware that food items are always on demand in the market so is milk consumption a daily essential for people in Nigeria.

Food price rises and demand does not fall in times of crisis, because people have to eat always. Milk is the essential nourishment. A barrel of milk can be purchased and pour it inside Bottles or Tins sold at retail prices. You can even learn how to produce your own, learning isn’t that hard just require some time and effort.

5. Event planning

This type of business requires innovation and good initiative. you can organize events of your own and find partners who are relatively good in different aspects, for instance you can organize a comedy show, musical event, and lots more.

You can decide to arrange and coordinate an event for a fee if you are good at event planning and organizing. On a special event that may be a wedding, a marriage, a wedding or an anniversary.

You should be professional, have some free time and be able to interact well with people. Services are offered in advance. hall, lighting ,music etc. and are provided for in the agreement.

If you play your cards well, you can make huge amount of money with this innovation just some little tricks to lure people and you are good to go.

6. Hairstyle and make-up

This business is particularly one of the best business in town right now, as you maybe aware that almost every week there is always one event or the other either a wedding or funeral.

Your services are always required every time there is a wedding or any other occasion, some people don’t even need a wedding to do their makeups and make their hair, you can even get along with celebrities like musicians and movie makers who are always making videos and will almost certainly need your services.

This business isn’t limited to ladies alone, as you may have known that ladies loves been touched by men, and men loves been touched by ladies as well, you can start this business as a man and believe me ladies will bombard you because they would see you as a special character and they would loved to be touched by you.

The embellishment business is very lucrative. You should take a professional course, which helps you to sell customers hairstyle or different maquillages. Make-up artist and hairstylist are also on standby. It is because every girl needs to be lovely both socially and for work. So, in this lucrative sector in Nigeria, you definitely can make a lot of money.

7. Photography Business

This is a social business where you get to meet a lot of people including some big influencier people in the country. You can start to take pictures from different events such as wedding, funerals, gigs and converts. However, if you are very innovative you can start taking pictures of animals in the forest and start selling them to different modelling companies who are willing to buy at a good price rate.

Nonetheless, you would need the talent and the appropriate equipment to start photography for a potential client. To take a photo shoot the photo session can be held, photos can be edited and the finished product is available to clients. You can also market your photos in online platforms. You can photograph and assemble a photo archive from your immediate area.

8. Online Business

This is a very good business which requires little or no capital at all. You can create a blog or website of your own and start making advertisements for companies, examples of companies where you can make good income with advertisement is Google AdSense, Google AdSense is a business that pays you for every click on their on your blog or website.

Creating a good blog or website is very easy, just go to or and create your free blog or website. You can also become a writer or content creator for companies such as opera news hub, freelance etc.

Opportunities in Nigeria for online business have been successful. Online companies with low capital are available: such as blogging, marketing affiliates, freelancers and online consultants.

9. Poultry business

This business is particularly impressive, with little start up capital you can become a millionaire overnight. I am not just telling you to dive into this business with ignorance, i have vast experience in this business because i have been doing it as well for the past 7 years now.

I can tell you with great assurance that this business is a very lucrative one which only requires some hard work, intelligence and enthusiasm. I started this business my self back then with as little as 7k naira which i used to buy 20 pieces of cockerels.

Although only 12 of them survived but i sold each and everyone of them more than double of the price i bought them. So what i did was that i reinvested my profit and it started going up and i was particularly impressed with what i got, so i stocked to it and so far so good i am making it right there right now.

Again, Poultry is a productive business, even though it is a risky enterprise, it requires good and proper management. A poultry backyard that needs little capital can be built. This establishment has a big income in it.

10. Laundry Business

This business i guess is the easiest on the list, it requires just a little capital to rent your shop, get yourself a good iron and a table to start with. You would be amazed with the amount of money you will be making from the business, some advantages of this business is that you will also meet big men because most of them always take their clothes to the laundry man to wash.

All you need is a good packaging of your laundry establishment, what you just need is a good label that you can attach to your finished work, a well designed business card and the likes.

Washing or dry cleaning services in Nigeria are a profitable business with no major capital requirements. The business can be run from home. Get more insights into it and start with the business model without delay.

Before starting a business, it requires some basic knowledge and determination, don’t just dive into a business because your friends are doing it. Look for a business that suits you well, a business you can manage and business that isn’t out your budget. Every business involves risks in one way or the other, but note that without risk there can be no success in business so make sure you only take risks that are worth it, work and and pray and believe me the sky will be your limit.

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