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11 ways to earn online money in Nigeria.

 11 ways to earn online money in Nigeria.
11 ways to earn online money in Nigeria.

First of all I would like to start this post with lovely eye opening quotes, which says “Nothing good comes easy” and that “Taking a risk is all that is needed to boost you to the next level”.


Money: Money is said to be an item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payments for goods and services and repayment of debts, such as taxes in a particular country, state or region. Other sources can say that money is a liquid asset used in the settlement of transactions.

All the same money is a valuable asset in the whole world today, which leaves every human being with the obvious question of how to make money.

Making Money: this is the act of using different sources or a particular source to acquire money, this is the reason why in other to make money you have to input something that’s worth money. With all these being explained I will now more to our topic which is How to make money online in Nigeria.

It is no doubt that making Money online is the sweetest, because it doesn’t require physical presence and physical strength but rather skills. In Nigeria there are ways you could make good money online and am going to list them out to you:



1) Affiliate marketing

2) Referral commission

3) Online sales of personal products

4) Being an Influencer

5) Being a Blogger

6) Being an Online Writer

7) Forex Trading

8) Crypto Exchange

9) Online Forms for making money

10) Selling Followers, like and accounts online

11) Online Jobs

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is one popular way to make money online especially In Nigeria, all you need to do is help sell other peoples products from top online affiliate companies in Nigeria like; Jumia, Kona, and so many more.

Referral Commission: referral commission is one easy way to make cool money online in Nigeria, all you need to do is refer a customer to owner of a product and get paid so easy right?

Online sales of personal products: if you are good at something and you can create a product, good all you need to do is sell it online and get money from it.

Being an influencer: How do you Think People make Money On instagram? How do you think most public figures make money? The make money from endorsements from products companies to promote their products and they get paid for it.

Being a Blogger: it is a nice way to make money online by writing and publishing post for your blog or website, Advertising companies pay Blogger for showing their ads to their visitors.]

Being an online writer: Online writers are paid for writing for companies that pay for writers example in Opera News a wonderful platform.

Forex Exchange: as the name implies it has to do with foreign exchange trading.

Crypto exchange: this is when you exchange crypto currency to naira, dollars Euros even more.

Online Forums: You’ve probably heard of online money making forums but some are frauds and fake so don’t fall, get the legit ones and join for the meantime.

Selling followers, likes and social media accounts: people are getting cash for getting followers to accounts of those that need followers.

Online Jobs: a good Job online is working for, they are the best online job companies for now


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