14 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With N50,000 That Will Give You N100,000 Monthly

We all know there's job scarcity in the country now and surviving is very important. These are the 14 businesses you can start in Nigeria with N50,000 that will give you N100,000 monthly:

We all know there’s job scarcity in the country now and surviving is very important. These are the 14 businesses you can start in Nigeria with N50,000 that will give you N100,000 monthly:

1. The honey business

Did you know that you can start a honey business with less than N50,000 and grow to become a multi-million naira business? Keep visiting this site as we are sure we will give you step by step instructions on how to make millions with your honey business.

Some of the most popular ways to make serious money from your honey business is to start your own beekeeping business. It’s not hard to get started and anyone can do it.

2. Business advice

What do you really need to start advising large and small businesses across the country? When you sit down and think a lot about what different businesses have gone through, many on the verge of collapse. Then you will realize that there are many things you can do with tips, training and guidance to help you survive some of these things. If you are well, you can pay a lot of money to do it. This is called a consultation.

You know, you can take it upon yourself to do a little research on various aspects of business and set up a consulting firm as a guru? This is especially helpful for graduates walking the streets of Nigeria looking for jobs that cannot be found.

3. Agriculture

When it comes to some kind of agriculture, the next thing that usually comes to the minds of young people is that it is for the elderly and uneducated villagers.

The sooner you start thinking like that, the better. In Nigeria, young graduates realize their dreams by doing agriculture or some other form of agriculture.

This platform includes countless types of farms. Take ample time in each of them to do further research and see for yourself that agriculture is no longer for the poor but for the rich.

4. Press work

This is very broad and anyone who wants to print a business idea in Nigeria can choose which side to go to print. Writing on shirts, umbrellas, cars, ID cards are all prints.

You may own a small printing press or act as an intermediary to help others meet your printing requirements when charging for your services. All you need to know is how the printing business is set up, the amount needed to load all kinds of work and where you can print these works.

Build a kiosk and become a freelance writer in the printing industry, and advertise there so that people can bring their work to any printing company, to their liking. Having a graphic stylist on hand will be an advantage for you.

5. Making of paint

This business idea to paint is another secret that many do not even know. Painting can cover your basic expenses and can secretly turn you into a big time millionaire.

All that is required is to get some basic training from reputable paint manufacturers. You can start your painting business in Nigeria for less than N100,000 and gradually grow to become a big painting company.

6. Prepare liquid soap

Whenever I meet housewives, boys and girls engaged in the production of liquid soups, I am often amazed at the great potential that exists in the idea of ​​the liquid soap business in Nigeria. It is no longer a secret that you can actually produce the same cleaners that you spend on buying others and even to make your own money.

7. Recharge card business

The general concept of a recharge card is not profitable, it is simply an exchange of money. It’s good. The houses were built with filing cards, cars were bought. Those who do it right, live the comfortable life of their dreams.

If you really want to make money from recharge cards, one expert says, “Don’t limit yourself.” Looking more closely at what this means, he said many people make the mistake of using other methods, such as printing and distributing to others, with the low profit increasing with their revenue, depending on the sale.

8. Making of beads and hats

This is a craft that some students use to pay for school and even send it home to their parents. Some beautifully designed beads can go up to N6000. This is something for which you do not spend N1,000 to buy materials. Ask the bead manufacturers and you will be amazed at what they do.

9. Personal training

With your experience in these subjects, you will excel in coaching. Do you know that you can exchange your knowledge for money? Get up and start paying yourself by building kids who are closer to you with the knowledge you get from school. Do a special workout for at least 4 school kids a month and see what you do.

10. Sale of used items

It has a broader beauty and includes many things you can think of. You can use used shoes known as shoes, clothing and even Okirika bags. There is a lot to make money in the used goods business in Nigeria.

The used products business is a lucrative small business idea in Nigeria. You can get a job on a small or large scale, earning good money is 100% guaranteed. Most of these second hand goods have been found to be cheaper and stronger in the market than counterfeit brands.

11. Laundry services

The idea of ​​a laundry business in Nigeria is something you can start small and eventually turn into a great job that can come to your employer. Asking your friends to wash their clothes is not uncommon. You can start this way with more or less money.

12. Delivery of food products

You may not need your store, but if you do, it will be an added advantage. All you have to do is contact the owner of a large store. Collect goods from them and deliver them to your customers. Take your earnings and repeat.

Sometimes, your customers and others do not even know you have your store. This business idea is about intelligence and thinking about what really works for you as a person.

13. Makeup artist

It’s another job where those who know to make enough money.

14. Internet Blog

Without downsizing, if you do the right thing and give the required commitments, blogs can get you where you want to go in life. Blogging is not a quick way to make money, it is a safe way to make money for a while if you do not mind.

Throughout the work involved in this article, one thing you can be sure of for each of them is that you can be sure that you will make money from it if you are serious and follow the rules.

Consider this age principle. It takes experience, creativity and time to develop a business idea and turn it into a rich empire.

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