15 Small Businesses That Will Surely Give You Daily Income To Become Rich

15 Small Businesses That Will Surely Give You Daily Income To Become Rich

More than ever before, the need for people to start their own businesses have skyrocketed.

The high cost of living has made it even more difficult for some salary earners to meet up with their family and financial obligations.

What about the unemployed? That one is a case of emergency! How can someone survive in this country in particular without having a viable means of income?

Everybody needs a means of steady daily income to cope with the present day cost of living.

However, the challenge is that most people are waiting to do the big things, forgetting that big things start small.

If you can start small and apply wisdom to your endeavours, riches will gradually become your permanent ally.

Now, here are 15 small businesses you can start that is sure to give you daily income.

1. Provision Store

Provision Store is often neglected especially by those who call themselves graduates. Ask those who run provision Store if they lack what to eat. Such business always give the owner money at hand on a daily basis.

2. Food Vendor

Now we all know that food is an essential commodity which no lockdown can stop from being consumed.

We all eat daily. So, those who sell food, also make daily income for sure.

3. Transportation

Transportation whether by Motor Cycle, Taxi, Bus, Train, Airline, etc is one business that is also transacted daily.

You might as well consider transportation business for a sure source of daily income.

4. Computer Business Centre

The need for people to type and print, bind, laminate, photocopy, etc is a daily need.

Therefore, Computer Business Centres will always be relevant. That is another business that can give you daily income.

5. Phone Repairs

Who doesn’t use a phone today? Almost everyone does! If you can acquire training and expertise in this area, it is sure to give you a daily income.

6. Recharge Card Business

Hardly will a day pass without someone recharging their phone airtime.

Although many people now subscribe to using Apps and USSD to load airtime, some still use the normal scratch card method.

So, selling recharge card has not gone obsolete.

7. Fruit Vendor

It may interest you to know that some of these ‘Aboki’ selling fruits by the wayside make more money than some Bankers.

Selling fruits especially in a busy area is lucrative. It is one business that is sure to give you daily income.

8. Selling Eggs

Even if people can’t afford Chicken, at least they might be able to afford Eggs. Some people focus solely on Selling and Supplying Eggs.

Selling Eggs is another Business that can give someone daily income.

9. Kerosene/Petrol/Gas Selling

Kerosene and especially Petrol are commodities people can hardly do without on a daily basis.

You don’t need to have a Petrol Station to sell these commodities. They are businesses you can start on a small scale.

Those in this business hardly go without making daily income.

10. Water Selling

Who doesn’t drink water? Just like the air we breathe, Water is a daily need. Even if people don’t eat, they must drink water to survive.

Be it Sachet water, Bottle Water, Dispenser Water, Borehole Water, Water Supply, etc; people need water daily.

So, those who sell water also make daily income.

11. Shoe Repairs/Cobler

There’s hardly anyone who may not need to repair their Shoe at one time or the other.

While people take this business for granted, it is one business that can also give one daily income.

Shoe Repairs is not only for ‘Aboki’. You can give a try if you have interest in it.

12. Making Pastries

People love Snacks, small chops and so on. Even when they can’t afford a full meal, at least than go for Puff puff, Egg roll, Fish roll, etc.

You can’t go wrong making Pastries if you know where to sell them. It is one business that can give you daily income.

13. POS machine

We now live in the days of Cashless transaction. Whether to make payments, withdraw cash, transfer money, etc; POS (Point Of Sale) machine has the answer.

Money transaction is one need people have daily. So, if you have a POS machine, it is a business that can give daily income.

14. Sewing Clothes

Whether to repair or sew new clothes, we can’t completely do without Tailors.

Do you have interest in this area? It is also a business that can give daily income.

15. Hair dressing/Barbing Salon

Hair cutting or dressing business can never become obsolete. It is a regular need that must be satisfied.

Those into this kind of business are sure of making daily income.

Finally, I hope you learnt a couple of ideas from this article.

What other businesses can surely give you income?

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