18 Side Jobs You Can Do To Earn Money: Number 4,6 And 10 Are Easy To Start Up

18 Side Jobs You Can Do To Earn Money: Number 4,6 And 10 Are Easy To Start Up

The Nigerian economy is dynamic. There are few jobs to occupy our teeming able bodied men, and even those with jobs are finding their earnings even more and. more insufficient to Carter for their daily expenses.

To balance this trend, many people are blending in with the digital transition and finding out more ways to balance whatever the economy is spurning for them. There are hundreds of strategies for making some money. However, these depends on your unique needs and your skills, earning a respectable amount of cash, and doing it quickly, might be well within your reach. If you know how to do something people would hire you for, but only if they know you are available.

Some of the strategies listed below offer a quick alternative for making some money, others will take a sizable investment of your time. Either way, selecting a method that fits within your skill set and ensuring that you deliver value for the products or services, can be a step in the right direction. Listed are some good jobs or side hustle to carve out an earning from our dwindling economic resources.

1. Sell items on Jumia or Konga

One of the best ways you can make cash is to sell items on Jumia or Konga. You can order or put up used items like furniture, household appliances, collectibles or anything else that you’re just not using or is collecting dust, can be sold online to make some money. If you’re serious about this, you can even do it professionally for others and collect a small commission for each sale. Take quality photos and write a good description and you’ll be in great shape.

2. Sales of used mobile Phones

You can buy and sell used smartphonesby advertising on Facebook, WhatsApp or even Instagram and its a good way of making some cash if you can order UK used iPhone or Samsung smartphone or other devices. While you won’t get much money instantly for it, you will be able to ge some cash that might just help you out depending on your financial situation.

3. Drive for Uber or Taxify

One of the most widely available ways for making money is to drive for Uber or Taxify. The sharing economy has quite literally grown, and both Uber and Taxify and companies like Opay are at the forefront. The best part is that you can turn on and off your availability through these networks with the simple click of a button, allowing you to make money no matter what time of the day or it is. All you need is access to a bike or car.

4. Manage social media for small businesses.

Many small businesses need a social media manager and simply don’t have the time nor the expertise to be constantly posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. You can take it upon yourself to contact local businesses and offer up your services for a contracted monthly fee. This is an easy way to make money no matter where you live.

5. Sell services on Fiverr.

Fiverr helped give birth to the Gig Economy. Although services start out at $5, some Fiverr sellers are earning six-figure-plus revenues annually. You can sell just about anything on this platform, but to succeed and become a bigtime Seller, you need to deliver massive amounts of value, even at those lower price-points.

6. Online Tutor.

You can tutor people over Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook live videos, no matter where you live. This is great, especially if you’re looking for a way to earn more money than the local job market can potentially provide. Tutor people from the U.S. or U.K. or Nigeria on any programs or services you happen to have an expertise on.

7. Get a part-time job.

Okay, so maybe you need some cash and you already have a full-time job and you’re just not comfortable making money online or trying to hustle with some online based companies or projects. You could get a part-time job. You might lose out on your social life as you have little or no time for anything else, but it’s certainly a guaranteed way to build an additional stream of income.

8. Start a blog.

It’s not easy to make money really fast with a blog. But, if you start a blog and deliver enormous amounts of value, you could set yourself up with a platform for earning a tremendous amount of passive income. This is something you can easily build on the side with just a few hours of work per week, but you need to stay consistent and post great content regularly.

9. Write an ebook.

You can earn a passive income by creating an ebook and publishing an accompanied print-on-demand paperback. By using platforms like KDP and CreateSpace, both by Amazon, you can create an easily create and sell an ebook that costs nothing to produce, and a paperback that earns you money only when it sells, removing much of the prior stress it takes to get published.

10. Clean houses.

Housekeeping is always an option. There are lots families and home owners and businesses that are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for a regular basis cleaner. You can list your services on Facebook and many other media to promote yourself.

11. Create YouTube tutorials.

Although this is not the quickest way you can make money with a side income, creating YouTube tutorials can help you earn a respectable amount of income as long as what you deliver is engaging and keeps people interested for long enough. You could also use free tutorials to show the methods of use of your products and services, and as a video blog to promote yourself and update your viewers on products and services you might be offering.

12. Sell services on Upwork.

People use Upwork as a platform to hire graphic and web designers for a long time. But Upwork also provides a platform for accountants, lawyers and other professionals to earn money. Keep in mind that you’re keeping with thousands of other service providers so getting this off the ground will take alot time.

13. Teach a language/Act as translator

If you know a second language, and you’re well-versed enough in it, you could teach it to others. You can even teach act as an interpreter online translating from English to youruba and vice versa.

14. Become a freelance article writer.

Write articles for other people. If you have a passion for writing, you could help out other bloggers or even become a ghost writer for a well-known author. Use sites like Freelancer, Upwork and others to advertise your services.

15. Give music lessons.

If you play the piano, guitar or another instrument, consider teaching others in your area. Advertise online through social media or through your personal or professional networks and by pasting flyers and stickers on strategic locations.

16. Write resumes.

If you are good at writing Curriculum vitae and resumes, you can use sites like LinkedIn and other professional sites to advertise your resume writing services. Do a few for free and get some good reviews, then increase your customer base.

17. Become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are in high demand, but it only makes sense from an income standpoint if you have lots of free time and you’re very organized. It also doesn’t hurt to live in an area with a lower cost of living.

18. Create a smartphone app.

If you have some app development skills and you’re proficient at Swift or Android-based development platforms, you could try your hand at creating a smartphone app. Obviously, this isn’t a quick or easy way to make money, but could pay off big with the right idea.

The good news is that these and more can be kick started be doing a small research on the internet and they don’t cost much to acquire a basic knowledge that can aid I establishing them. The economy is changing everyday, are you adapting?

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