2 Reasons Why The Stewart Was Holding Van De Beek, After Ronaldo’s Goal


2 Reasons Why The Stewart Was Holding Van De Beek, After Ronaldo's Goal
2 Reasons Why The Stewart Was Holding Van De Beek, After Ronaldo’s Goal


Manchester United secured all the three points against Villarreal last night, it’s good to see the Manchester United fans happy, after the late winner, thanks to the goal from Cristiano Ronaldo, all the Manchester United players were very happy, but I observed something after the goal. Here are the only two reasons why the Stewart was holding Donny Van De Beek, after Ronaldo’s goal.

1. The Security Thought That Donny Van De Beek Is A Pitch Invader

Manchester United midfielder Donny Van De Beek were very happy after the late goal by Cristiano the Dutch midfielder decided to run into the pitch and celebrate with his teammates, but one of the Stewarts rushed him and hold him very tight, he could notice that someone is holding him, but he might think that he is one of the Manchester United players. Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic was smiling, after he spotted the Stewart holding the Dutch midfielder. This kind of incidents has happened more than five times in football, he was doing his job as a Stewart, to make sure that all the fans are in their main position aside the pitch. This is one of the reasons why the Stewart was holding him.

2. Before The Donny Van De Beek’s Drama, Fans Were Invading Into The Pitch

Immediately after the Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal, some of the Manchester United fans were invading into the pitch, and the Stewart was a little bit confused, you can see that two Stewarts are holding a fan on the floor, and they are trying to drag him out of the pitch. In that process, Donny Van De Beek ran into the pitch and the Stewart thought that he is one of the fans that invaded into the pitch, and he decided to hold him.

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