20 Businesses You Can Start With 20,000 Naira That Will Give You A Lot Of Money Every Month

Want to know what kind of business you can start with N20,000? The following is a list that you can best fit:

Want to know what kind of business you can start with N20,000? The following is a list that you can best fit:

1. Canteen Business: The canteen business is one of the most profitable businesses you can start with with little money. You can start with N5000 or N10,000 if you want to make night dining at your stop, or if you want to make a public dining masonry or make dining rooms like a wheelchair.

2. Plantain business: There are two optional things you can start with with less than N20,000. The first option is to buy fresh, loose-leaf grapes in the city and sell them to your community as a mason or to your establishment. / shop.

The second is that the chip bags you produce can be traded and distributed and become a money support. What you need is to get equipment like the cake pan, the banana slice, and so on. People love snacks.

3. Commercial toilets and drinks: People can’t do this without the toilet. They need to keep their body, clothes and kitchen clean every day. It’s hot. And they also need drinks to keep them entertained or entertained every day. So you can start at N50,000 or less than N50,000 and grow far beyond your prediction.

4. Mobile accessory companies: You can start as soon as N10,000 or N20,000 by shopping online or online as a power bank, etc. And you can sell for 300% of the profit.

Visit Aliexpress mobile accessory suppliers by typing this phrase into your Aliexpress search and they’ll send you free products when you buy what you’re looking for. Find out what kind of accessories you want to buy for businesses by typing a word in the Aliexpress search at the top.

5. Transportation business: I think you may not be able to start because it requires a lot of start-up capital. This is only for capitalists. But you can start with N20,000 or N50,000 by hiring contacts from the people you have advertised and making money with it.

6. Frozen food trade: You can negotiate portions of frozen food in packages, including other egg boxes and a top local vegetable oil, from just N20,000 at your stalls, if you don’t have money enough to buy deep fridge, KV2 generator and rent for sale.

7. Candy companies: You can make money every day by selling N5, N10 or N20 sweets, including N5 students with clean water for students and high school students outside or near the school grounds, from N5,000 or N10,000.

8. Shoe business: A shoe service for people on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, including the pavement service at visible intersections, is an investment tool. The initial capital of this business is only N500 or N1000. Just buy shoe brushes and a kiwi ball, including another, and make money with it.

9. Library business: There are two options to start with more or less capital. The first option is to start with N5000 or N10,000 by buying inspirational books at the wholesale bookstore and selling them as brochures at visible intersections.

The second is that you can start at N50k to N60k if you want to start small or N150 or N200k if you want to start big by renting a shop / warehouse, buying inspirational brochures with price distribution in Kaduna and Lagos and selling it in bulk. and retail.

10. Mini Oil Sales Business: The umbrella business is not only a very profitable business, but it is also a very volatile business in which the market has to look closely.

If you want to start a business, you can start a mini business with N10, 000, N25, 000 or N50, 000, depending on the type of materials you want to buy, for example, 25 liter sweater cans, hoses, pipes, liters. of gasoline and measuring cans.

Or if you want to start big, you can start with N150,000 or N200,000 and respond to your financial strength by buying materials such as a storage tank, batteries, steel cans, etc. You can buy liters of gasoline. of sales representatives or NNPC.

11. Business decoration: If you can make specialized decorations, you can start with N20000 and make money by charging customers according to places or stages and according to the type of decorations that customers want to show in the albums.

12. Raw food business: if you want to do retail, you can start with N20,000 or N50,000 by buying a few bags of raw food from other products such as magic, local vegetable oil cans, puree of tomato, etc. And it grows below your expectations.

13. Call center business: You can start this profitable business with N15000 or N25000 by buying Nokia second hand phone, different prepaid lines, different refilled coupons from GLo, MTN, Airtel and so on. with two plastic chairs, one plastic. table with a tent and earn before each day sales lines and coupons at visible intersections. It can be a man and a woman.

14. School supplies business: means someone has different types of paper, pencil, pen, glue, and so on. I’m not sure how much you can start with this business.

But you can start with N50,000 as proof by buying different office cards, pencils, etc. with the distribution of prices and sell it at wholesale price in distribution according to the requirements of your customers.

15. X-Passion Hair Care business: I think it can be hot, because I’ve seen customers keep going to the hair distributor in the Ogunpa market. That means it’s a big question. You could start with N150,000 or N200,000 if you want to distribute as a main distributor.

Or you can start with N10,000, N20,000 or N50,000 by buying an X-Passion woven cardboard box and selling it in long nylon bags or retail. You can pick it up with drinks plus the toilet that is sold in your store.

16. Cosmetics and perfumes business: Women can make you rich in this business because they want to spend money on cosmetics and perfumes to keep the body beautiful.

Before you start with a capital you can afford, you need to pay attention to the skins by choosing the right types of cosmetics and perfumes, because they have a different skin.

17. Purchasing business: you can start with any capital from N1000 to N50,000 by buying different sizes of bags from a cheap manufacturer and selling it wholesale if you want to get it as a dealer or distributor if you want to do it . That. as a merchant. It’s very hot because retailers, buyers and customers ask for it every day for custom packaging, shopping, storage, storage, and more.

18. Device business: For small devices, you can start with N10,000 or more N50,000 through different devices such as plugs, light bulbs, plugs and so on. At wholesale and retail prices.

For home appliances, you can start with N200,000 or more than N500,000 through different types of fans, generators, stabilizers, large radios, freezers and so on. For sale, worth millions of electronics manufacturers in your store. great This is a high profit. It’s hot.

19. Casual clothing business: Decide before you start with a starting capital of N10,000 to N100,000, what type of clothing you want to market. Also, visit the Aliexpress store for casual wear. It’s so cheap when they call it China or the US or casual clothes in the UK in search of Amazon. Try it.

20. Transport business: If you have money from N100,000 to N500,000 and you are interested in the transport industry, you can buy a motorbike, a bicycle for bicycles, known as pastry bike or taxi and make money with it any day.

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