20 Easy Services to Render and Make Money in Nigeria

20 Easy Services to Render and Make Money in Nigeria

There are hundreds of services you can render to make money in Nigeria. In this article, we are going to examine 20 of these easy services you can render to make money in Nigeria. Your level of education, qualification, gender or age can not stop you from making money in Nigeria through these 20 easy services.

1. Barbering:

Barbering is one of the easy services you can render to make money in Nigeria. What you need to start out as a professional barber is to; get a 6 – 12 months apprenticeship training, a shop in a good location with high population, equipment i.e. Clippers, sizable mirror/mirrors and other fittings, generator of any size from small Tiger -240KVA, Television (optional as it can come later), a good sound system and whatever else you can afford. After acquiring the above mentioned items, the next most important thing is that you need to win loyal clients who will pay you money in time and consistently. You must always be available when customers call in to have your service. As you satisfy your customers with your service, you will make money on daily basis and even more on weekends which are the peak period.

2. Website Designing:

Another easy service you can render to make money in Nigeria is website designing. Given the growing pace of digital economy around the world, and Nigeria in particular, businesses: small, medium and large corporations are leveraging the huge benefit of creating websites. To be able to render the service of creating websites to make money, you need basic or complex coding skills and digital know-how, graphic design skills and copy writing skills to be successful as a Website Designer. If you are consistent with a good track record, more businesses will identify with and pay you money for rendering website designing services for them.  

3. Laundry/Dry-cleaning Services:

Laundry and dry-cleaning is another lucrative service you can render to make money in Nigeria. People are either too busy or just lazy to do their laundry these days. Some may hire house helps to help out in that aspect of their chores while others may be too rich to run the cost of feeding and paying a house help. And so they prefer to engage the services of a Drycleaner.

4. Spray Painter:

The huge traffic in Nigerian cities especially densely populated states like Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt causes people’s cars to be crashed every now and then. This means good business for Spray Painters. Some car owners who would not want to ride with crashes all over their cars are good customers to the spray painters as these individuals visit their workshops immediately such incidence occurs.

5. Supplies:

You can make money in Nigeria rendering the easy service of supplying goods and items to homes, hotels, companies, stores and a wide range of organisations that will pay you with interest. Let us assume you have 5 – 10 clients who do not have time to go to market or visit grocery stores, and you are engaged to do their shopping with your own prices which they agree to pay. Your gains might be little but when you multiply them by 5 or 10, you know the amount of money you can make through supplies. That is how to make money rendering the easy service of supplies in Nigeria.

6. Hair Dressing:

Nigerian women are very mindful of their appearances. They give special attention to their hairs. If you can perfect the skill of making various hairstyles for women, they will patronise you on regular basis and recommend you to their family, colleagues and friends who will pay you good money. You can also make money selling items like artificial braids, attachments, wigs, weavons, hair creams and shampoos.

7. Manicure and Pedicure:

You can make money in Nigeria if you own a shop and know how to do manicure and pedicure for fashion minded women. Even though you do not own a shop, shop owners can hire and pay you to treat their clients. From there you can make savings to rent a shop and become your own boss. After their hairs, Nigerian women pay much attention to their finger nails and toes. You can undergo apprenticeship for some time, open shop, buy materials and started, rendering this easy service to your clients and make money.

8. Uber:

Uber is a modernised urban taxi scheme that allow car owners around the world and Nigeria to make money while enjoying their cruise. But before you can use the Uber App, you must meet their requirements in order to qualify to render this easy service and make money in Nigeria.

9. Taxi:

If Uber is too digital while you are a little bit analog, you can register your vehicle with the Urban Taxi scheme or association and ply your trade the traditional way. Traditional taxi or town drop remains one of the easiest services you can render to make money in Nigeria today. Check it out and start making money.

10. Freelancing:

Freelancing is another easy way to make money in Nigeria. Be you a Writer, Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Caterer, Teacher, Editor, Proofreader, publisher etc. there are always opportunities online for you to render your service and make money in Nigeria. As a Freelancer, the jobs, called projects in freelance terms will come to you in form of contracts, where you are given specifications and instructions by the clients to work with and get paid at completion. Freelance websites like upwork, fevre and a few more offer Nigerians chances to make money online. You can try them out simply by signing up to their platforms, creating a profile and sourcing for jobs. However, to be successful in the freelance websites, you must learn how to create a convincing profile and how to write winning proposals.

11. Events Management:

Since most people know very little about managing events, especially large ones, event management specialist can take advantage of this and help manage events for individuals, groups or organisations and make money in Nigeria.

12. Rental Service:

Another easy service you can render and make money in Nigeria is rental service. You can rent out your land/space especially in densely populated cities like Lagos for people to hold their events. You can also rent items such as chairs, canopies, drums, plates, cutleries, halls, cooling vans, cloths etc. and make money. Nigerians like holding events such as traditional marriage ceremonies, weddings, burials, birthday parties, end of the year parties and many more, especially during festive periods. Since it might be economically unwise for them to buy the items needed to host such events and dump them thereafter. Thus, they prefer renting them, which is an opportunity for you to make money giving those items out for a fee.

13. Car Hire:

If you are too engaged to ply the city as a taxi or Uber driver, you can place your vehicle for hire, where people pay you to use it/them. You can even run car hire as a business empire where you have a number of cars for hire, over agreed periods of time for stipulated fees. Since every individual in the environment cannot afford a car, you can wreck in reasonable amount of money rendering this service.

14. Home Cleaning Service:

Everybody presents neatness at events, but those are public appearances. Things might not be as neat in private. In private most people are not only dirty, they are as disorganised and lazy to keep things clean and in order. Therefore, you can seize the moment and render the easy service of home cleaning in your neighborhood and get paid.

15. Yard/Toilet Cleaning:

The Yorubas call them Afonle i.e. people paid to clean people’s compounds on daily, weekly or biweekly bases. If you have 5 – 10 compounds to clean in a day and get paid, you will make good money in Nigeria.

16. Social Media Influencing: 

The growing interest of businesses and brands to promote their products and services online through the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc. make Social Media Influencing a money spinner for practitioners. To qualify as a Social Media Influencer, you must show good knowledge of how the social media works and have large social media following on your preferred medium. With that achieved, companies and brands will advertise on your social media wall and pay you or you can funnel them to your website and make money through affiliate marketing.

17. Gym:

As the quest for fitness increases among Nigerians, if you can establish and render gym services on regular basis like massage, you can make money in Nigeria.  The daily stress and frustration people are going through make gym services one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into and make money in Nigeria today.

18. Car Wash:

The many cars that commute our roads on daily basis present profitable business opportunity for people who render car wash services in Nigeria. Once you can secure a space for parking and build a hurt for customers to sit while their cars are under wash, you are good to go with your car wash business with just a machine and hose. Car wash is practically one of the most profitable businesses to make money in Nigeria.

19. Mini importation:

Mini importation is another easy service you can render and make money in Nigeria. Many Nigerians have found a gold mine through mini importation business of small items such as laptops, wrist watches, smart phones, etc. E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Global Sources, DHGate etc. make it possible for anyone to make money in Nigeria.

20. Courier Service:

As more businesses are taking their products and services online, courier, dispatch and delivery service business is growing into one of the most lucrative easy services to render and make money in Nigeria.

Wrapping Up

There are many easy services you can render to make money in Nigeria. We have outlined 20 of the most lucrative service businesses you can render to make money in Nigeria. Choose the one that best suits your resources, find clients, render them and make money.


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