How Unlocking Your Phone Can Save Money on Your Bill

Smartphones have become a vital part of our lives, and keeping them costs money. Like any other monthly bill you receive, owning a smartphone adds cost to the monthly budget. However, you can save money on your bills with little time and effort. A way to achieve this is to unlock your phone if you have locked one or buy no-contract phones. A locked phone is one of the various things which might raise your monthly phone bills. According to it, if you purchase a phone with a specific carrier, you are bound to use their network for a particular period. Therefore, it might prevent you from using sim cards from other network providers, and you might face a penalty in case of switching to other networks.

Contrary to this, unlocked phones have no network restrictions. Therefore, you have control if your phone is unlocked. In addition, you have more variety of models to choose from, and there is no restriction on whatever is being sold by the network carrier. That is why you should give careful consideration while purchasing a phone. Below are some of the benefits of unlocking your phone or having an unlocked phone which provides you options to save money on your bills

Save Money on Monthly Installments

Unlocked phones might cost a lot more upfront, but in the long run, combined with a less costly data plan, these phones would be less expensive than locked phones. In the case of a locked phone, you signed a contract that tied you to a wireless carrier. In this contract, you have to pay a monthly installment, and you will likely pay more in the long run. Therefore, buying an unlocked phone will save you money that you pay in installments.

Freedom To Switch Networks

It is one of the main reasons to buy an unlocked phone. If you want the freedom to switch networks easily, unlocking your phone will enable you to do that. At the same time, unlocked phone users have no restrictions or contracts with any company. It means that you are not tied to any pricey networks. It allows you to avail yourself of deals of any network regarding voice, text, and data plans. By choosing a network offering the lowest price of your choice, you can save money on your bills.

Similarly, unlocking dual sim phones made it possible to use two different networks simultaneously. You can use one carrier for call/text and another for data. It will save money on your bills.

Increase Resale Value

Unlocking your phone is a simple way to increase your phone’s resale value. It takes you a few minutes or a few dollars to unlock your mobile before selling it, but it will surely save the buyer from the hassle of unlocking it themselves. In addition, it is easier to sell a locked device than a locked phone. Since unlocked phones provide you with more freedom, it commands you relatively more resale value on your device.

Flexibility For International Traveling

Unlocked phones provide great flexibility in the case of international traveling. As you know, International roaming rates with your current network might be high. Buying an unlocked phone will enable you to use a local sim card for international traveling, which might save you money on your bill. As in this case, you will pay the same lower rate as the local citizen for calls in that country. In the case of international traveling, a dual sim unlocked phone can facilitate two sim cards in the same smartphone, i.e., your sim card and the local sim card of the country to which you are traveling. Doing so might save you money on your bills.

If you have an unlocked phone and you want to unlock it, then take it to the specialist. They will unlock it by using special software or special codes. In the case of purchasing a new smartphone, rather than buying it from the carrier, you might purchase it directly from the manufacturer to avoid purchasing locked phones. While doing so, check the phone compatibility to avoid later incompatibility issues with the carrier.

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