Top 10 Cell Phone Pranks

Everyone seems to be on their phones everywhere these days. However, you can do much more with your phone than just text or call.

You can also do harmless pranks with your friends or family using your cell phones. So naturally, they are amused by such pranks.

Following are some pranks that will make everyone laugh

1. Prank Phone Calls

Download the app “Prank Dial.” The app comes preloaded with hundreds of prank calls for you to choose from and does all the work for you.

Select a prank from the available options, enter some information, and press go! The program will call them and will sound just like a human voice. It waits for them to speak and can interpret when it needs to respond with the following script you stored.

The app itself looks beautiful. In addition, it is routinely updated with new features such as news calls and a call log where you can save all of your past prank calls. This is our go-to app for prank cell phone calls.

2. Change Contact Names

In this phone prank, you will change some of your victim’s contact names to something completely different. For example, you could update your contact information to look like your victim’s love interest and then flirt with him. You’d be shocked what you can learn about him. Then, of course, at the next opportunity, change the contact back.

A safer method would be to update a couple of his phone contacts to look like his boss’ contact. Of course, it will agitate him anytime.

3. Set Many Alarms

Set alarms every few minutes for several hours. That should be entertaining. Or Change your victim’s cell phone’s alarm clock settings randomly, especially late at night and when your target is likely to be in a public place. If their phone allows you to select a sound as the alarm tone, make it something embarrassing or something annoying.

4. Crack and Break It

Break and Crack It’s another fun app based on various sounds of glass shattering. Light tubes, glass blocks, light bulbs, bottles, balloons, and other items are available.

You can select many objects of your choice. Then, with realistic audio, tap any to shatter or break them. If you’re on the phone, launch this app on your iPad or phone and tap to fool your friend into thinking you just smashed a window or dropped your drink. Alternatively, do so from the adjacent room.

5. Change the Wallpaper

Make it something that will make people laugh.

6. Prank About Texting

Prank texting is always fun. Sure, you can change settings to make a short “omw” into “on my way!” or hack into a friend’s phone and change whatever you want.

7. Make a Fake Food Delivery

Give them a call to let a friend know their food has been delivered to their door. Explain to them that you are a food delivery driver and their food has been given if they’re confused. This might be done on someone whose address you know so that it appears more credible. Once they sound like they’re checking outside, tell them you left it by their back door or even on the front door, and then hang up! This one will have your friend racing around their house hoping to acquire a tasty cousin.

8. Annoying Noises, Fart Sounds

This app is a soundboard full of farts and other irritating sound effects. There are numerous different ways to play these sounds. You can tap on them and let them fly or try something more detailed. It is a motion detection app. Once you’ve chosen your sound, the app can detect when someone moves it using the accelerometer on your phone. When they do, your selected audio will be played.

A countdown is another possibility. Choose your irritating noise, how long you want the trigger to be delayed, position your phone near a friend, and then walk away. That fart or annoying sound will eventually go out.

9. Change their Ringtone

Set music that is likely to annoy them or put the song they do not like.

10. Change the Fingerprint

If you have an iPhone, you can add your fingerprint and delete theirs. They won’t be able to use their fingerprint to access their phone.

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