Troubleshooting Tips for Cell Phone Sound Issues

Smartphones are magnificent for communication when it comes to making calls, video conferencing, and social media. It makes our life easier by saving our time and effort. However, experiencing sound issues might be frustrating, especially when your voice is incomprehensible during a meeting, a video, or a voice memo. There might be a total absence of sound as well. Not hearing the sound of another person while making a call on your smartphone can cause you anxiety. Apart from making phone calls, we use our cell phone’s built-in speakers for listening to audio content like music, podcasts, or watching films and videos where sound issues might be annoying.

Having sound issues with your cell phone might be due to minor defects that are easily repairable. However, in some cases, it might signify more severe problems or actual phone damage. Luckily, there are some techniques that you can try at home to combat sound issues with your device. This article will discuss the troubleshooting tips and tricks for cell phone sound issues. These fixes might help revive your android phone speakers.

Check Your Cell Phone Audio Levels

Firstly, you might check your cell phone audio level. You can accomplish this simply by pressing the volume up or down button during the call. To reset sound settings, press the volume down button for a few seconds; similarly, press the volume up button for a few seconds on your android phone. By resetting sound settings, you might see an improvement in the sound.

Restart Your Cellphone

Sometimes restarting your cellphone might help resolve the sound issues. For this, press the power button to see a set of options on the screen. From there, choose restart to reboot your phone.

Update Your Software

You might face sound issues because of not updated software. Updating your software might be helpful in this regard. For that, go to the setting of your cellphone, then about the phone, tap on the system update, then check on the software update.

Disable Headphones

While unplugging accessories from the audio jack, cell phones sometimes fail to process the event. It might leave your phone stuck in headphone mode. Eventually, your phone speakers become disabled. You might reboot your phone to resolve this sound issue. You can also install an app named Disabled headphone, which might help you manually force your phone to leave headphone mode and play sound by its speakers.

Turn off Bluetooth

Another thing one might try is checking Bluetooth earphones. Cellphones paired with a Bluetooth device will automatically connect to the earphone if they are on. It will send sound signals to the cell phone and not the speakers. You can check this by turning off the Bluetooth. For this purpose, open the setting in your android phone, click the connected devices, and then turn off the Bluetooth.

Disable The ‘do not disturb Mode

A feature in which android mutes some incoming notifications and calls is ‘do not disturb mode. By disabling this feature, you might solve the sound problems of your android phone. To disable this mode, swipe down your finger from the top of the mobile phone screen to check whether this function is ‘on’; if it is on, tap it to disable it. You can also disable this mode by navigating to the setting and turning off the ‘do not disturb toggle. After disabling this mode, check whether it resolves the problem.

Cleaning Speakers

Examining both speakers for any physical damage or water spill might be helpful. Then clean the speakers gently if the sound is not clear. Because speakers get dirty or clogged, cleaning might help clear sounds again. But make sure to do it perfectly. For this purpose, you can check your phone manual or smartphone dealer for help before doing this.

Reset Your Phone

Lastly, you can choose to reset the phone settings to the default state as a last resort. To accomplish this, go to the settings, then system, then advance, then reset options, then click on reset all data. Doing so will enable you to eliminate the app or software that might disable the speaker.


If these troubleshooting tips don’t work for you, consult the manufacturer’s website for more specific guidance or have your cell phone examined by a professional.

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