Install Best Cloning App for Yahoo Video Call 2023

Best Cloning App for Video Call 2022

My name is Mike Bush, and I have been into Gee for almost 5years now. I know that you are going online and searching for how to get the cloning app I mentioned in this post. This post will give you a clear view of whether it is possible to download the cloning app for yahoo.

But before you continue searching, make sure you read this post and avoid the danger you are going into. I will also show you how you can download the cloning app for yahoo – but you will know whether you can download it or not.

I have seen many people begging me for the cloning app and searching the internet for one. The last thing I will ever do is try to scam a fellow hustler. I am one of the people that teach other hustlers how to make money online, so there is no way I will scam you guys.

Image of the cloning app interface

What is the Cloning App for Yahoo?

The cloning app is meant to be an application that helps change your voice and face into another person. It works by using a picture of the person you are doing your work with and cloning it with your picture.

Many people are already searching for this app, but I am doing this to do a warning.

The cloning app for yahoo is a challenging application to find, so it will be challenging to find the application on google search.

How to Use the Cloning App for Yahoo?

Since I am among those that had used this application when it first came out, I will be the one also to tell you how it works.

There is nobody in Nigeria that has the cloning app for yahoo, so don’t be deceived. I visited a website and saw a guy who said he sells the cloning app for yahoo, and you can download it. But many people have reported how he is scamming them all the time.

He will tell you that he sells it for 25,000 Naira, but that is a lie. He doesn’t have the cloning app, and he can never have it.

The way to use the cloning app is to install it into a system, and when you power the app.

  1. Download the cloning app
  2. Install it into your system
  3. Open the .apk file
  4. Link it to photoshop
  5. Create an image that you will use as your face and make modifications
  6. Transfer it back to the application
  7. Then make a call to your client.

While you are talking to your client, any movement you make will be made by the cloned image on the phone already. So by doing this, the client will think that you are the one moving.


Can you do all of these with the cloning app? The answer is yes! So how can you download the cloning app for the video call?

Let me now tell you the truth!

How to download the cloning app for video call

Nobody in Nigeria has this application – so don’t let anybody scam you. I was there before – when I still had no cloning app. Immediately after the App cast, I went back to doing other illegal jobs on the internet.

A Russian friend gave me the app back then, so I didn’t pay for it. The only place you can download the cloning app for a video call is on the dark web; this is how to go to the dark web.

Please don’t buy the cloning app from anybody claiming to sell the app, and it is a SCAM!!!!

I can’t scam my fellow hustlers, which is why I am making this post. I will show you how to use the dating format without your client asking you for a video call. You can read this post and also watch the video below.

Please, you can’t download a cloning app for video calls from Google or Playstore. Don’t pay anybody money to get the cloning app for yahoo, and IT IS A SCAM!!!

Now that you have known about the scam, how can you now work without the Cloning App?

download cloning app for yahoo

Another cloning app for yahoo

How to Get the Cloning App Without Getting Scammed

I understand that most hustlers struggle with getting the cloning app. In the section, I disclose the way to get the cloning app for your work.

Access the Dark Web

The dark web is the best place to discover all kinds of apps and software for yahoo work. The only problem is how to find a working app from the right source. Note that the dark web itself is a big problem for hustlers that are not smart. Even the URL for deep web pages are not the traditional URLs. For example, is a typical surface web URL, but the dark web URL can be coded as http://nql7pv7k32nnqor2.onion/. The URL are also onion links accessible from specific browsers such as Tor.

Find the Dark Forum URL

Your next step is to find the URL of the forum that has the cloning app vendor. You can simplify the search by searching the dark web directly.

How to Do Yahoo without Cloning App for Video Call

To avoid your client asking for a video call, let me show you how I do my own. You don’t need the cloning app for a video call to cash out.

  1. Use the military format to start working. The YouTube video above will explain why you should use it. As long as you are fighting a war, you won’t have time for video calls.
  2. Call your client but block your camera screen – tell the client that your webcam is quite bad
  3. Ask them to send you some little money, so that you fix your faulty webcam. You can collect a gift card See how to do it here
  4. Collect the money and move to the next client.


Please don’t pay anybody for the cloning app for yahoo, and it is a scam. It is challenging to get the cloning app. Almost impossible, if I may say, so use your head and don’t let another ripper rip you off your money.

For those looking for how to download the cloning app for yahoo, be wise and use your head.

I love all hustlers; good luck and more aza to your acct!

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