Sugar Mummy or Sugar Daddy Yahoo Format – The Smart Lazy Hustler

Sugar Mummy or Sugar Daddy Format - The Smart Lazy Hustler

Howdy, Hustler? Today, we will look at the sugar mummy format and sugar daddy format for yahoo to bill clients fast.

We have many yahoo formats for scamming and cashout and this format happens to be one of the best formats.

This format for yahoo is similar to the dating billing format or any other romance scam. However, you will be playing the role of a client (sugar mummy or daddy) instead of being the beggar.

The cashout rate for sugar mummy and daddy format is 72, which is higher than most cashout formats in yahoo billing.

The reason is that it allows you to act rich and people will do whatever you want from them. Typically, people succumb to whatever a rich woman or man says, so you would not be an exception.

In a brief time, let’s look at the sugar mummy/daddy format for billing in yahoo.

History of Sugar Mummy and Daddy Format

The sugar mummy and daddy format started time immemorial. Some men and women that were not married or that needed to be satisfied sexually by younger people paid to be serviced and the people they paid were known as a sugar baby.

The sugar baby industry has evolved into an industry of multimillion-dollar. Yahoo boys have extended their services to the industry and it is now a goldmine for those that are intelligent.

Note that the yahoo mummy and daddy format started in 2006 fully in Africa. In other continents like America, Europe, etc., the format started around 2000.

Many heartbroken women/men have taken up to the internet today in search of lovers. In the same manner, sugar boys have taken into the industry to search for sugar daddies and sugar mummies to collect money.

The emergence of yahoo billing for sugar mummy and daddy is targeted at the sugar boys and sugar girls that are desperate to get their sugar lovers and collect money.

So, you can take advantage of their desperation to cashout.

Requirements for Mummy and Daddy Format

The tools you need as a yahoo boy matters 100%. The right tool can cashout while the wrong tool will not.

Below are the requirements for mummy and daddy yahoo format:


The first thing you want to decide on is your phone or PC. I prefer using an Android phone that has no Google account in it. If your Android phone has Google accounts running, make sure to remove the accounts.

If you have a PC, you need CCleaner to clear cookies and other traceable files.


You should have known by now that a VPN is an essential tool for any yahoo boy.

In this sugar mummy format or sugar daddy format, you need a VPN to hide your location and identity.

You can use even a free book VPN or RDP, but you must know how to set up the do RDP.


You need Grammarly if your English is bad. I recommend scamming clients that speak English because it is easier to cashout.

If you speak other Jennifer languages fluently, then you can target the sugar babies in that region and cashout.

If you have bad English, then get the premium version. You can contact me for a premium Grammarly account to use on your client.

Fake Phone Number

You need a fake phone number that is registered in one of the developed countries such as the UK or the US.

You can get a US phone number from me to scam.

Another thing you have to work on is your accent if you want the sugar mummy to trust you even more.

The phone number you use can be registered on WhatsApp too.

Since you would be using fake photos, make sure not to disturb the sugar baby of videos.

Fake Social Account

If you must be successful in this format, you need multiple fake social accounts. You also need to create unlimited Gmail accounts for all the social accounts.

Note that if you create a fake account wrongfully, it will be banned.

Meanwhile, I have written articles on how to create a fake Facebook account and how to create a fake Instagram account for yahoo without getting banned or blocked.

Fake Pictures

One of the major problems that yahoo boys face is getting fake pictures for work.

You should read my article on the best place to get pictures to do yahoo work and cashout.

Note that every fake picture you collect just be real and you are to edit them and remove the EXIF data. If the pictures have watermarks, do not use them, or download and erase the watermark.

Do not also use pictures of celebrities. The best pictures to use are the pictures of rich people that are dead.

Open your mobile browser and type “rich man in the US dead”. When the result comes up, click Images and download the rich man photos you see there. Make sure you scroll down as long as you can to get the images.

Fake Promises

You must know what promise to make and fail for the sugar baby to fall for you.

The fake promise has to be in line with the discussion between the two of you.

Sugar Mummy/Daddy Format Billing

In the section of our sugar mummy and daddy tutorial, you will learn the steps to achieve the sugar dating format billing.

sugar daddy yahoo format

Below are the steps to do sugar mummy or daddy format:

  1. Choose Your Gender

Do you want to use the sugar mummy format or the sugar daddy format?

Then, you must choose your gender. Note that you can be both genders, but you must use each gender on a different social account or dating site.

  1. Create a Fake Social Account

Now, create one or multiple fake social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, etc.

Follow the guide I embedded as you read down this article to learn how you can create an account and not get blocked.

Add the fake pictures and make sure you include location whenever you want to post your pictures.

For example, if you are on Facebook, select the option to set your location and enter the US or Facebook can do it automatically using your VPN server location.

  1. Engage the Account

The next step is to engage the account. You can engage the social account in several ways.

First, make sure to write the tips to get rich and be posting videos of rich luxury all over your timeline to deceive the sugar baby you will scam and cashout.

Secondly, always tag your location as the US or the UK whenever you want to post on the social platform.

Thirdly, start liking top pages that discuss being rich and follow some football and basketball teams in the country that you claim to come from. You can also download a fake picture of someone at the stadium watching the game live and post it. Make sure the face on the image is similar to the faces you use as your identity.

Fourthly, join available groups of rich people and sugar dating that contain many sugar daddies/mummies.

  1. Find Sugar Baby Groups

The next group to join are the sugar baby-related groups. Make sure you do not start a conversation in the group. Always common on posts from other people and you will get requests for sugar dating instantly.

You also must not accept the friend request(s) until after 2 days and do not reply to DMs until after 2-3 days. When you finally reply, do not act as you care much about the person.

Just type “hi” and exit their inbox.

  1. Add Up Client

You can also add clients without waiting for them. Or, when a potential sugar baby comments and you find their comment interesting, just reply to them to accept your request that you like their intelligence or they can add you up.

  1. Introduce Yourself

Don’t tell the client (sugar baby) that you are rich because they know already that you are rich from seeing your profile.

Tell the sugar baby that you are married, but that you just need some young blood to remind you of your childhood.

You can say something like:

I’ve been with my old wife or old hubby [depending on the gender you choose] for a while now and I just feel I need some sugar dating to spark me.

  1. Send them the Billing Format

After some days of chatting, typically 14 days, start rolling out the sugar mummy format or the sugar daddy format.

I have provided the format for sugar mummy and daddy as you read down.

On the 14th day, you will start convincing the sugar baby to send money indirectly.

You can bring up a business that does not exist or tell them that you want to know if they are real.

Since they see you as the sugar daddy or mummy, they would want to send you the money you need because they believe you will return the money to them.

You can start by sending them something like:


I quite like you, but I’m not sure whether I’m dealing with a real or a fake person.

I want to put you on a tough task before I trust you enough to host you someday by taking care of your bills and all.

So, as a business person, there are risks I take and risks I avoid.

Hoping to hear from you.


  1. Cashout

The cashout will take place after you Convince the sugar baby with the sugar mummy or sugar daddy format that I have written down below.

To make your cashout legit, you have to send your mobile wallet account details instead of your bank account details. Mobile wallets include PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Cash App, etc. Make sure you confirm whether the mobile app supports your country before signing up.

When signing up, use a foreign name or a name that matches the country you are using.

You can also use a bank drop that uses the name of the country you faked identity to keep the sugar baby client from knowing you.

Sugar Mummy/Daddy Format

Sugar daddy format

In this section, we discuss the format to cashout sugar mummy or sugar daddy.

Day 1

What’s, baby

I am Jason Mason, a US resident, and I hope you are doing great. I think I like you, but I can’t be so sure until I get to meet you better. Nice to meet you and stay happy.


(Wait for a sugar baby to reply)

 Next Day

I just saw your message and it seems you would want to be my sugar baby. Well, I understand that becoming a sugar [daddy or mummy] comes with the responsibility of making you happy. Lol

Guess what? I know that already.

Meanwhile, I am married. Yes, every sugar [daddy or mummy] is married.

By the way, is the name on your profile your real name? I hope so.


(Wait for the sugar baby to reply)

Next Day


Thanks for confirming your name. So, I would be addressing you by your name. I am a [mother or father] that knows how well to care for young blood. Lol.

And, it is my first time into sugar dating. A friend introduced me after my partner [hubby or wife] cheated!

I believe you read lotta stories about cheating couples in the [UK, US, Canada, etc.].

Make sure I can trust you, love.

(Wait for the sugar to reply)

Next Day

I’m glad you know it kills one’s soul to be heartbroken.

Meanwhile, I would love to know whether you are real. I have been across stories of people getting scammed. I do not want to be a romance scam victim though.

I want to put you on a tough test. After all, you would be earning in the range of $100 to $1,000 depending on how my business week goes.

When I hear next from you, I will disclose the tough and simple task!


(After sugar baby client replies)

Next Day

Alright, it is cool to know that you are in for any task I have for you.

My colleague [in business or at work] recommended it and that is what [he or she] used on their current sugar baby.

So, you will send $350 to the account details below:

[PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, bank drop, BTC, etc.]

Account Name:

Account ID or Number:


BTC Address:

Here is the toughest test. As you know, you would get your money back.

Your decision, sugar love.


Next Day…


Meanwhile, you can see the tone of my messages to the client each day. Plus, I reply to them once a day. You can reply to them twice, but not more than 3 times per day.

How Much Can You Cashout?

The estimated cashout amount in sugar mummy and sugar daddy format is $10,000 per year depending on the country of sugar babies that you target.

Final Thoughts

The format for sugar mummy is simple and straightforward as you can see.

Just follow the steps and contact me if you want to unlock the chat for the other days.


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