How to Verify PayPal without Phone Number 2023

So PayPal is one of the stylish ways to admit plutocrat from each over the world, but frequently, they squinch you up. One of the ways they get to luck your account is to request phone verification after awhile.However, your plutocrat and account are gone, If you do n’t have the phone number. In this composition, I’ll show you how to bypass PayPal phone verification. maybe you no longer have the phone number you used in registering the account.


Just In case you’re stillover-reliant on PayPal as the only way to admit plutocrat, be apprehensive that there are other means of entering payments. I’ve bandied how to open a Cash App, indeed if you are n’t a occupant of the United States.

I know that PayPal has over 15 Million registered druggies, of which only about 3 million or lower are active. This is coming as a result of the nonstop suspense of an account by PayPal. So imagine you ’ve gotten FREE and EASY PayPal plutocrat as I explained then and PayPal blocks your account – that hurts, right?

One of the significant ways PayPal suspends accounts is by Phone Verification. So let’s consider how to bypass PayPal phone verification so that you can pierce your account formerly again. But before we go right into the result, you have to understand why PayPal demands phone verification.
PayPal requests for phone verification because of security. I go you would n’t want to log into your account after a while and discover that your plutocrat is missing. This is why formerly PayPal suspects a foul play on your account, they lock the account and demand verification that the account is yours.

So what foul conduct show a red security flag to PayPal? Let’s consider them now;

corroborate your PayPal account
Phone Verification Message from PayPal
Trying to log in from a New Location.
Now let’s say that you open your account while you were staying in New York; formerly you travel to London and try to log in, PayPal security sees it as a red flag.

They will demand to know why you’re trying to log in from an unknown position. Since PayPal ca n’t say, who’s who, your details are what they ’d use as evidence.

Signing- in from a New Device
So supposedly, PayPal knows the conventional bias you use when trying to subscribe in to your account. Once they flag a new device trying to gain access to your account, it’s a security red flag.

So if you do n’t want a situation where PayPal asks you for phone verification, always make sure to subscribe in with a single device.

When you log in after a long while
still, after a long while, you decide to log into your account again, If. These questions would be in the form of verification – substantially phone calls or textbooks.

Always log into your PayPal infrequently if you know that you do n’t have evidence of account power.

When trying to carry out a significant sale
In some cases, not all the time, PayPal would ask you to corroborate your account if they find out that you want to carry out a significant sale. utmost people infrequently carry out significant fiscal deals on PayPal. But they just want to make sure that you’re the proprietor of the account.

So now we know what triggers the phone verification in a PayPal account, let’s also find out the possible ways to bypass PayPal phone verification.

Indispensable Ways to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification Challenge.
I’ll be foursquare with you; we will consider indispensable ways to bypass the PayPal phone verification challenge. But please bear in mind that these might work for some people and fail to work for others.

In situations where the “ Not Now Button ” is n’t available, you can give my styles a shot – after all, what’s there to lose? So then are some indispensable ways;

infographics on how to bypass phone verification on PayPal
Summary of the way
Download and Log- in from a PayPal App
Frankly speaking, this should work, and I’ve tried it severally. Once PayPal asks for phone verification, I do n’t click anything differently. Then’s what I do;

snappily I visit the Google App Play Store.
I download the PayPal Application.
I enter my details
smash!!! I’ve access to my account formerly again.
Clear Your Cybersurfer History
Alternately, you can clear your cybersurfer history or phone cache and history and try to log inagain.However, also let’s try another system, If it does n’t work.

Use Incognito Browser
Since the innominate cybersurfer allows you to change your system’s IP address, PayPal should assume you’re another person. Using Incognito browsing might help you to bypass the PayPal phone verification challenge and have access to your account.

Use another Device
still, also consider changing your device, If you ’re still not successful with the options over. Change of device is one of the ways I’ve used in bypassing the PayPal identity evidence task.

I got this idea after I made PayPal into giving me FREE plutocrat and they requested phone verification. I allowed
they had gotten back at me. also I used another device and viola, it was successful.

But if you try all these and it still does n’t work, also you give it a last shot by doing what I’ve written below.

Call PayPal Help office on the Phone
With no option left, you must pick up your phone and telephone PayPal’s client office number. But before you do this, always make sure you have a complete phone number with you whether it’s a real, fake, or virtual number. You must have it present because they ’d ask you to give the number.

The reason you ’d give would be that culprits stole your phone, and that way, you lost your number. Remind them that right now, someone might be trying to recover your account using the phone number. Explain to them that you ’d need to change it right now!

Then’s a sample call to PayPal to enable you to bypass phone verification;

My name is Mike Bush, and I’m calling because I can no longer pierce my account because of phone verification. My phone was stolen on the 9th of January 2022 alongside my number which someone differently is using.

I guess he’s trying to recover my PayPal account and confirm it using the number. Is there a way you can help me? I do n’t want to lose my plutocrat – please.

Thank you.

After this, the PayPal client service platoon would ask you a couple of questions to determine if you truly enjoy the account.

Date of Birth
Security questions like “ which city was your father given birth in. ”
Be sure to have access to all these – if not, there’s a huge chance you might lose the account ever.

still, they will unleash the account for a while, If you give the right details. You can also go right down to modernize your number to a present bone
. This is because they might decide to lock it again.

How to Avoid Problems of PayPal Phone Verification
So to avoid running into the problems of phone verification by PayPal, there’s majorly one thing you need to do.

Register with a US number
still, just make sure you watch the videotape below, If you do n’t know how to get a US number.

When opening a new PayPal account, just make sure you input a US phone number. That way they shoot you an OTP, and you can confirm your account.

Always use the same device to log into PayPal.
Do n’t always alternate the bias you use when subscribing into PayPal. That way, they can know when commodity is wrong with your account.

Use a Simple word and set Security Questions.
When effects go tough, one of the ways to make sure you enjoy your account is by answering security questions and flashing back your word.

So when you call the client service dept of PayPal, they ’d ask you security questions, and you ’d have to answer.

One of the possible ways to bypass PayPal phone verification is by calling PayPal. But if you do n’t have the fiscal capability to initiate a call, also use the other options I mentioned and hope it works.

From the Smart Lazy Hustler, thanks for reading leave questions using the comment section and I’ll answer.

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