3 Basic Things You Must Know In Order To Succeed As A Crypto Investor

3 Basic Things You Must Know In Order To Succeed As A Crypto Investor

The Crypto Currency Basic Information

What is Crypto Currency ?

This is a digital Currency in which transactions are Verified and records Maintained by a decentralized System rather than a centralized authority. This provides a personal wealth beyond restrictions by a particular authority or group and these digital currencies tends to appreciate in value with time. People who trade the digital Currencies are called traders and people who buy and hold for a long period of time are called Investors. Crypto traders and people who wish to join the Crypto Market should note these :

1).  The Market is a Decentralized one, not controlled by any federal authority and for these reasons, all activities, transactions and passwords should be noted down to avoid loss or fraud of assets by Scammers. Some trust wallet contains a phrase of 12 words which can be used to recover assets during a change of device or loss of a device. These 12 words phrase should be noted and not disclosed.

2). Traders and investors should note that the Crypto Market is Vast and as such there are Millions of individuals trading the Market with you at that particular time and as a good trader or Investor trying to earn a living, you should trade with your spare cash or a risk able amount and not casting all eggs in one basket.

3). psychological mindset tends to play when you watch the charts so you must make sure you are in the right Mindset and do not let your psychology rule your actions. All you need is a stable Mindset. Equally learn before you earn, don’t go about dashing Money to the Crypto Market instead of Making Money of it. pay your tutor and learn or get ready to pay the Market and watch your Mindset get affected which may lead to an increase levels of Serotonin which could result to depression.

Health is life and the Mindset affect health of an individual, positive state of the Mind can result to healthy living while negative state of mind adds nothing good to health. live before you leave, stay healthy with the right Mindset and rule the World.

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