3 Premier League Teams To Never Have Won Any Title In History

3 Premier League Teams To Never Have Won Any Title In History
3 Premier League Teams To Never Have Won Any Title In History

Did you know that the Premier League has had fifty teams participate in it since its inception in 1992? There are 48 teams from England and two from Wales. These two clubs are Cardiff and Swansea, which have historically competed with England teams.

There have been seven Premier League champions since 1992, namely;

Manchester United-13

Manchester City-5



Blackburn Rovers-1


Leicester City-1

All the fifty teams have ever won silverware except these three.They are;

1. Southampton.

Southampton came within a whisker of winning the FA Cup last season before being knocked out by Leicester City.

They’ve made several finals, but the trophies have eluded them.

2. Brighton & Have Albion.

Have you ever heard of Brighton winning a trophy? No, I don’t think so.

This is simply a quiet Premier League team. Their stadium is called Amex Stadium, and they are sponsored by American Express.

3. Crystal Palace.

The eagles are another peaceful side.The London club has no trophies in their trophy cabinet.

The 2021/22 season is currently underway, and there is a very close race between three of England’s most stable teams this season

Manchester City currently leads the table with 44 points, slightly ahead of Liverpool (41 points) and Chelsea (38 points).

On Boxing Day, Manchester City will face Leicester City, while Liverpool will face Brentford.

The top three will remain as they are at the end of the season, according to the predicted table.

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