3 Secrets Top Business Men Won’t Tell You

3 Secrets Top Business Men Won’t Tell You

Have you ever heard the saying, “it is lonely at the top”? Yes, you must have heard it. It has existed for thousands of years but still, the top is still lonely. Do you know why? The reason is that those who are at the top enjoy loneliness, and do not want you to join them. Most rich people will give people money, send them to learn basic trades but would never take interns or apprentices. When they do, it is usually one person that they can hand over to when they die, and that is usually someone related to them. Rich people keep the secrets of their wealth better than they keep their family secret,

In this article, you will find three secrets that top business hold dearly. They do not tell anyone except for their closest partners. Some of them don’t even tell their life partners.

1. Business is brutal. All the business men and women you adore will never tell you about the brutality in the business they do. Business is war and only the strong and ruthless can win. If you smile to your competitors, they won’t smile back at you. They will see it as a chance to attack when you’re weak. Yes, there is a need for collaboration, but even the people you collaborate with are trying to become the best. You are not partners. You need to be brutal for your business to be ahead, and some of the things you will have to do might not be so noble. So, you must also be good at hiding things and shutting people up. It might sound wicked, but it’s either you want to be a big business man or not.

2. No one can be a saint everyday. This is also related to the last post. Business is not as noble and glorious as your favorites have made it look. People have to do dirty things to stay ahead. Sometimes these things are illegal, and sometimes they are not. It could be as little as looking away when someone is doing something wrong, or like selling expired products because you don’t want to run a loss. Sometimes it is as basically as lying about the benefits of a product, or not being totally truthfully about the side effects of hidden ingredients that might be harmful. It could also be as simple as a small bribe. One way or the other, you might get to dip your hands in dirt.

3. Lastly,Don’t share much of your secrets. People will tell you to share your journey, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t share your sex trade secrets. This is why you’re doing well in business. Once your competitors have it, they can use it against you.

You might have heard any of this before, but that means you are one of the few lucky ones. If you have not, consider yourself lucky. No one will tell you these secrets.

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