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3 Types Of People You Should Never Lend Money

When it comes to financial intelligence, knowing who not to lend money to is very important

When it comes to financial intelligence, knowing who not to lend money to is very important. In life, there are certain people that you should never loan money to if you want to be rich and financially independent for a long time.

As human beings, we have to learn how to say ‘NO’ to some people sometimes; especially when it is not convenient. This write-up is basically about three kinds of people that you should never lend money to.


1 People Who Spend Lavishly: Never lend money to anyone who is not prudent. It is very easy to spot a careless spender. From the way a person dresses and how they eat, you’ll easily know if the person is prudent or not. One major reason why you should never give this kind of people money is because they do not value it. Anyone who spends lavishly definitely doesn’t have value for money. If you lend money to a careless spender, there is a very high chance that he would not pay you back on time. If you keep lending money to people like this, it may affect your finances negatively.

2 An Unemployed Person: An unemployed person is someone who doesn’t have a paid job or business. Avoid this kind of people when they ask you for financial assistance. This is because there is every possibility that they won’t be able to pay back because they do not have a stable source of income.

3 A Lair: It is often said that it is safer to be friends with a thief than a liar. A liar is someone who is inconsistent with his/her words or actions. Lending money to a liar may leave you in disarray; this is because liars make empty promises. I can guarantee you that if you lend money to some who lies; you would never know when he/she would pay back because of their untruthful ways.

What do you think about this write-up?

Have you had experiences with these kinds of borrowers?

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