3 Ways to Invest Your Money and Become a Millionaire

3 Ways to Invest Your Money and Become a Millionaire
3 Ways to Invest Your Money and Become a Millionaire.

1. Business investment: This kind of business is less risky. Business investment involves you looking out for viable existing businesses with serious minded entrepreneurs that know what they are doing but lack enough funds to finance such businesses. In this case, you have to look for businesses that can bring you more money in the future. An example is investing in a newly opened shopping mall like another Shopping brand. And when you discover such growing business, you wisely invest. You can invest as low as 100000 thousand Naira . And in exchange you get stocks of the company. That is , a certain percentage of the company’s total monthly income depending on the amount you invested. So if you buy 50% at 500,000, and the company makes minimum of 5,000,000 million naira from selling and making of rice ,you get 2,500,000 as your share. And this continues forever as long as you don’t withdraw the 500,000 you used to buy your stocks of 50%. This means you are letting your money work for you.

2. Apps investment : There are some apps that offer great investment policies. This can either be bank apps like unity bank’s app ,or normal apps like opay.

Opay : I don’t really know much. But what I know is completely real although it cannot bring much money like business investment. You invest 50000 thousand naira, you get 500 naira on it. Invest 5000000 million naira, you get 50000 naira on it

3. Crypto currency investment : This investment involves trading .The common crypto currencies are bitcoin and ethereum.

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