30 Simple And Impressive Bungalow Designs With Photos


How to afford your basic necessity of life.

Among the basic necessity of life is shelter, the need to have a roof on your head is a major achievement of life in Africa. To be able to afford this need, there is a need to fight the major enemy of progress which I call poverty. If you are lucky to have defeated this monster, I say a healthy congratulation, but if you have not all hopes are not lost..

To defeat poverty that spread like hot fire in the dry wilderness, moving from one human generation to another, you need skills and prayers. Because this enemy is so wicked and subtle, you hardly see it coming but has the capacity to destroy and ruin many human generations. Leaving people with the unability to meet their basic necessities of life- food, clothing and shelter.

You need a strong desire… To succeed..

One important lesson to learn in other to succeed is a strong desire, the desire to make a difference among your family members and friends. A burning desire to fight for your freedom, whoever wants to be rich must have a strong desire to be rich, that is the foundation, the very basic foundation. I like to use the word desperation because it conveys the message better than the word desire.

Do you want to defeat poverty ? You must have a strong desire to be rich, you need to be desperate. What do you think is responsible for some people’s ability to endure pain ? What do you think is responsible for some people’s commitment even in the face of death? Why do you think Napoleon Bonaparte want to conquer the whole world ? Why do you think Nelson Mandela refuses to give in to the enemy, after 20 years of imprisonment ? Why do you think people dare difficult things even though they could lose their lives?

Desire, strong desire which I call desperation, I mean holy desperation.If you want to defeat poverty you must have holy desperation, by holy desperation I mean you have to be willing to make sacrifices, do difficult things and forget what other people may be saying about you. Holy desperation forbids you to lie, cheat, or commit fraud. Holy desperation doesn’t allow you to to hurt other people for your own good.

Instead, what holy desperation means, is that you are willing to put your life in line, dare your dreams and confront your fears.

Here in this edition, I put together 30, simple yet impressive bungalow designs to inspire you, as you are going through them, remember to like and follow, to get more posts and articles like this.

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