35 Business ideas to make money that  really works in Nigeria. Pick yours.

Nigeria is a country with about 35% unemployment rate and even people with jobs earn less than an average worker. Now with this Coronavirus hitting harder everyday and making life harder, for almost everyone, causing people with job to even lose it, or have their salaries slashed, I think its about time you start doing something for yourself to survive this harsh time.

Nigeria is a country with about 35% unemployment rate and even people with jobs earn less than an average worker. Now with this Coronavirus hitting harder everyday and making life harder, for almost everyone, causing people with job to even lose it, or have their salaries slashed, I think its about time you start doing something for yourself to survive this harsh time.

35 Business ideas to make money that  really works in Nigeria. Pick yours.

I have made a list of about 35 business you could venture in to make money, most of these business could be done online and few offline. It is time to pick something and stop complaining.

1. Set up an eCommerce store

An eCommerce store allows consumers to buy goods and services online via their phone, tablet or computer through digital transactions. You don’t need to create a website or app, Use your WhatsApp STATUS as your store to sell your products.

2. Start a business (startup)

Starting a business is very tricky, tough and really hard. But if you choose a business that you are passionate about, with hard work and faith, it always The best option to make money and be your own boss at the same time.

3. Make money by affiliate marketing

You dont need to own a product,just market/sell other people’s product. Affiliate marketers work with established brands to increase their sales. You can do this at home by generating traffic to a merchant’s website through an affiliate link, or just by posting their goods and services. You’ll then receive a commission on all the sales generated through your link. Commission usually sits between 5% and 20%, to be negotiated per client. Personal website, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is a very good place to do this with no stress.

4. Make and sell handmade items

If you are the creative or artistic type, you can easily monetise your skills online. With apps and websites such as WhatsApp and Facebook and even online stores like Jumia, konga, jiji or even the newly launched flutterwave store. Selling hand-made products has become considerably more accessible, even for absolute beginners.

5. Work as a freelancer online

Working as a freelancer is one of the most flexible jobs you can have. All you just need is a specialized skill. Freelancers work on a contractual basis or per hour or project, most work from home and for the hours and times they choose. If you’ve got the skills and the equipment, it’s an almost immediate way to start making money.

It’s a simple concept, It can be anything from web design to business consultancy, translation, typing, painting, basically anything you have the skill to do.You can monetise almost any skill.

6. Start a YouTube channel

Popular YouTubers make massive amounts of money in ad revenue from viral videos. All you need is a camera and an idea – it’s entirely free to create an account and publish videos.

All you need to do is have innovative contents especially one you won’t run out of, Build a subscriber base and be consistent. This takes patience and a little hardwork.

7. Start a blog

For creatives, writers or anybody with a keen interest in a particular field, building a blog is for you. It’s a place where you can share valuable or entertaining information to attract a loyal readership.

Just choose a niche (be particular about your blog), find someone to create a simple website for you, start posting interesting contents, build fan base and advertise for brands. This might take some time and hard work either.

8.Create and sell stock photos

Creating stock photography consists of producing images that you can sell through a stock agency to individuals or businesses, who purchase the rights to use the content for their website or marketing.

This business is an excellent option for anyone with a passion for photography or a creative eye. Once the photos are online, you’ll earn a tiny amount of money every time the images are purchased or downloaded.

Take good photos, find a perfect buyer for your photos and you are good to go. Example is shutterstock and payloadz.

9. Buy and sell domain names

Although this is not for everyone. Buying and selling domain names can be a very lucrative online business. A domain name is a website’s address. Companies are willing to pay considerable amounts of money for the domain they want.

The concept is simple: you buy domain names at a low price, wait for them to increase in value and then sell them on for a higher price. You can purchase domain names from domain registrars, such as Godaddy and Namecheap. When selling them on, you can either advertise on the domain itself that the web address is up for sale, or you can list your domains on specialist sites that potential buyers use to find web addresses. This is for people with knowledge about websites.

10. Market research

Entrepreneurs starting businesses already have enough to think about. Research about a particular market and sell your information to related and interested companies. Example is finding what’s missing in a particular market like a betting industry, and sell your information to a betting company to use as an edge to scale above others.

11. Develop an online personal trainer platform

This business venture consists of providing clients with education and direction on achieving their personal fitness goals. Coaching is done entirely online through courses, one-to-one video calls or pre-built programs. You can use Facebook, Instagram or even WhatsApp.

12. Become a writer

Opera News is a good place to do this, all you need to do is create an account, have good contents, be consistent and you would be earning straight from your bed.

13. Trade on the stock market

Stock traders buy and sell stocks frequently in time with fluctuating markets. The aim is to purchase shares at a low price, hold them for short periods and then capitalise on market changes to sell them on for considerable profit. This might be for people with capital already and people with deep understanding about stock.

14. Become a technical writer

Technical writing is a skill. It’s transposing highly technical, informational content into digestible information. Technical writers are more in-demand than ever before – companies will outsource the writing of their business plan , product specification or financial proposals to technical writers.

First off, you’ll need outstanding writing skills, complete with flawless grammar. If you’re specialising, you’ll need experience in your relevant field.

15. Create online private group

WhatsApp and Facebook are good examples of where to have a group. If you’ve got a significant online presence on the internet, you can almost certainly monetise it. The same goes for Facebook. If you’re the admin of a popular Facebook group (around 5,000 members or more), you can quickly turn your page into a profitable business. Easiest way to make money from your group is advertising for brands and selling products to your members.

16. Start dropshipping

Dropshipping is a supply chain management technique which involves selling and delivering products, without ever having physical contact with them. Instead of stocking the products you have available on your store yourself, you only order products from a supplier when you receive orders, and have them delivered straight to your customer.

The primary benefit of dropshipping is you do not have to invest upfront in purchasing, and storing large quantities of stock as typical retail businesses would. You do, however, have to make sure your dropshipping suppliers have a fast delivery time, are reliable and can provide excellent customer service. Contact small business owners and ask if they’d be interested in this type of cooperation. Just sell their product and make your money instantly with little or no stress.

17. Market your talent.

The truth is we are all talented in one thing or another. Maybe you are a good singer, you could dribble everyone from Goal A to Goal B, you have a thing for painting, dancing, art, whatever it is, use your online presence to market yourself by tagging related bodies and people to see a sample of your talent work. It could be a short video or picture, you would never know if you don’t try.

18. Sell logo and design work

Graphic design freelancers can make a fortune selling logo and design work online. You can start with as little as a website and some design software, and you’re good to go.

To be successful, you’ll need at least some samples on your site where potential customers can see examples of your work. Target new entrepreneurs and startups by advertising on relevant websites. This is for people in the web and graphic designing department.

19.Social media management

As an SM (social media) manager, you will work alongside individuals, brands and companies to build and run their social media presence. A SM manager’s daily tasks consist of monitoring, measuring and engaging the performance of their clients’ social media accounts and making appropriate changes to improve their online presence.

Practise what you preach – your best bet for securing clients is to have a strong social media presence yourself. Familiarise yourself with all the most popular social media platforms and build your own accounts as your portfolio.

20. Trade in cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market boomed in 2017 and remains one of the most popular investment options today. Trading in cryptocurrency differs from trading in traditional currencies as it cuts out the middleman and the bank. Instead, cryptocurrency is traded directly from seller to buyer.

If you want to make money trading in cryptocurrency, you must understand the market. You’ll need to study cryptocurrency trends and have a solid understanding of the stock market before you invest. The best way to make money is the buying and holding method – buy an asset, stocks, for example, at a low price and wait for interest to build up. Then cash out, making a profit.

If you’re going to trade in cryptocurrency, stick to the four leading currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. These have been on the market for a while and are therefore safer options. But remember, trading in cryptocurrency is always a high-risk venture and always have someone to guild you. After having a deep understanding of how cryptocurrency works, you can earn unlimitedly.

21. Online advertising campaigns

Advertisement is the business of our time. Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and especially Facebook ads are a powerful way not only to reach millions of people, but to target specific demographics or target audiences. If done right, Facebook ads can massively increase website traffic and result in increased sales and revenue. It’s tricky to get it right because you would need to create followers, which is why many companies are happy to outsource to somebody who can maximise their Facebook advertising. Create a huge presence and advertise for interested brands and people.

23. Become a business plan writer

All successful businesses need a solid business plan. It’s the first and most crucial step for any budding entrepreneur to secure investment and start trading. Many entrepreneurs don’t know where to begin , making them willing to outsource to an external writer to do the bulk of the work for them.

To become a business plan writer, you’ll ideally have some experience in business. You need to understand all aspects of a business plan to be able to produce one for somebody else. You’ll also need impeccable grammar skills and a professional writing style. To find customers, you can advertise on entrepreneur websites or contact businesses directly.

Writing business plans can be extremely profitable. Big companies will pay thousands to millions for a thorough plan if made properly. So make sure you’ve got expertise on all the necessary components of a business plan.

24. Become a web developer

Having a website has become a prerequisite for almost all successful businesses, but most people still lack the skills they need to produce one themselves. As a web developer, you’re offering an essential service to most companies, and you’ll never be short of clients.

Being a service in such high demand, however, means there are tonnes of web developers out there. The best possible way to make money as a web developer is to choose a niche. Either focus on a specific industry or a particular type of website design, eCommerce or blog websites for example.

Promote your business far and wide – start by creating social media channels for your business, reach out to family and friends and past colleagues, attract leads through an email list, promote yourself on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook and even Twitter.

Finally, make sure your website is flawless. Customers will base their purchase on the quality of your website – this is your portfolio, and it needs to be the best example of your work.

25. Become a social media influencer

The popularity of sites such as YouTube and the exponential growth of Instagram, has given rise to one of the most lucrative and attractive new careers being a social media influencer. Companies create partnerships or run ad campaigns through these influencers. Individuals with huge followings on their media accounts use it as a marketing technique, a method used in almost every industry.

Your best bet for success is to find your niche and hone your brand. Pick something where you know you can consistently create content.

Having a lot of followers will be your biggest asset when trying to get paid advertisement deals with brands. Generating a large following is best done by posting regular content. The most common contents nowadays are news, jokes and comedy, sport etc, consistently updating all your social media channels and engagement with your audience. Try tagging and mentioning brands to attract them to your profile.

Finally, use hashtags! It may seem outdated for Instagram users with personal accounts, but it’s a great way to play the algorithm on social media and make sure new people can find your account.

26. Become a cryptocurrency miner

Many people don’t understand how this works, all you need to know is its definitely not for everyone because it is a very tricky work. The popularity of cryptocurrency has soared in recent years. Many cryptocurrencies are uncovered through a mining process, which introduces new coins to the market. Cryptocurrency miners ensure that transactions between users are authentic, and are then responsible for adding each sale to the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency mining is complicated and highly skilled work. Not only that, but it’s incredibly competitive – to earn money, you are working in constant competition with other miners. The first to crack the code gets to verify the transaction and add it to a block, which is how they earn money themselves. The speed and urgency of the job mean you need a constant internet connection and can never take your eye off the ball.

Make sure you do your research – not all cryptocurrencies can be mined, for example. The better-known currencies, such a Bitcoin, are also the most competitive, and you may not be able to compete with enterprises in the industry mining in such popular currencies.

27. Offer a CV & cover letter writing service

Writing effective and grammatically correct CVs and cover letters is a struggle for many professionals. These type of writing services includes an analysis where clients are given guidance to determine their objectives, and define the skill set needed to achieve them.

CV writing is a really easy career to get off the ground and can be lucrative. All you need to get going is a computer, the internet and some clients. Marketing, too, can be reasonably cheap: advertising on sites such as LinkedIn is useful to attract customers searching for jobs. It’s a good idea to have a portfolio of example CVs and cover letters for different industries to show prospective customers before they purchase your service.

28. Freelance graphic design

This is one of the easiest job out there. As a graphic designer, you will work with your client to produce visual content that communicates their brand message to their target audience. Commissioned projects include creating marketing materials such as posters, billboards, logos and packaging.

This is also for people with skills in creating online logos and the likes, and you can make money from the corner of your bed.

29. Create ads for small businesses

An absolute must for small businesses to grow is advertising. But the nature of small businesses means that more often than not, they don’t have the resources or the expertise to do this in-house. This is where you step in, ads could be cartoons, short videos, pictures, it could be of any sort all you need to make sure is it serves the purpose and the message is clear.

Starting a business in ad creation has relatively low startup costs. Previous knowledge or experience in either advertising or design is helpful. From there, all you need is design software such as Bannersnack, Canva or Photoshop. Having a few formats and price options makes it a really easy business model with massive scope for growth. Finding customers is also relatively easy – you can use a simple ad campaign of your own or use your social media accounts to advertise yourself.

If you want an automated business and you’ve got the expertise, you can even set up a website where small businesses can create their own ads using your templates!

30. Become an internet strategy genius

In this field, you aim to help clients, identify their goals, assess the strengths and weaknesses of their business and create a structured plan where you outline how to achieve the set goals. In practice, that means advising the client on selecting the correct web-based applications, to increase their competitiveness in the market or improve communication among employees and with customers.

31. Customer service and support

Customer service is a crucial part of any business offering a product or service. A smooth customer service process can be the difference between losing and retaining customers, business and revenue. Many companies choose to outsource customer service, which is where you step in.

To work in customer service, you must understand how to speak good English, how to convince people about a particular product. Nowadays even customer services could be done on WhatsApp unlike the traditional means of using landlines.

32. Online coaching & mentoring

Coaching focuses on helping an individual to discover answers to their problems for themselves. A typical coaching session involves a form of a conversation between a coach and a coachee, where the coach asks open questions that will encourage clients to reflect on the issues on which they want to work.

33. Learn a handwork

The problem about this is it takes sometime to understand your new work before you start earning. But it always worth the time and stress, find a handwork you are interested in and all you need is get someone to teach you. Its never too late to learn.

34. Write and publish an eBook

An electronic book, also known as an e-book or eBook, is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices. Nowadays lots of people are looking for books to buy online, just find a good niche and start writing something marketable. Write a good book and sell on websites like jiji, jumia, konga and make cool cash anytime.

35. Fashion designer

The fashion industry brings in huge revenue every year, and more and more designers are selling online. As a fashion designer, you can sell your designers for products such as shoes, clothing and accessories.

Starting by selling t-shirts is a smart option to minimise overheads and startup costs. Selecting a few simple designs keeps the concept simple and profitable. Once you’ve acquired some site traffic or a loyal customer base, you can consider expanding to other products and accessories. WhatsApp is a good place to market your goods as seen nowadays.

I hope by now you must have found one that suits you. It is a coronavirus season and work is being done online now and people are making money even at home. Just do something and don’t beg for what you could earn. Share with your lazy friends and family that thinks they must have at least hundreds of thousands before they could start something.

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