4 Businesses You Could Venture Into And possibly Make Ends Meet

4 Businesses You Could Venture Into And possibly Make Ends Meet
4 Businesses You Could Venture Into And possibly Make Ends Meet.

When you want to invest your scarce resources in any business opportunity, you must not wait to have the millions before you venture into that business with prospect. We have many ways we can put in our money and get a handsome reward in the end. Rome was not built in a day, you need to watch your business grow with time, patience is the key.

I’ll share four viable business ideas you can key in and make ends meet. Sometimes we should think deeply, do things differently and be unique in our own way than to copy and paste. Below are the businesses you can carry out and hope for the best.


Look around in your local settings you will see many businesses ranging from provision stores, boutiques, manicure and pedicure, etcetera. But in here, I’ll focus on provision stores.

With little amount of money, let’s say N100,000 Naira, one can start this business. Go to these provisions stores owners and inquire the kind of products they sell to the final consumers, then you can setup your own business from the information you must have gathered. Most of these provisions stores owners, especially the ones in the villages, they buy their goods in the cities. You can make good use of that opportunity and invest your hard earned money, go to the city, buy some of those goods/products they sell to the final consumer in large quality, buy as your money can afford. For instance, the items they buy N1,000 in the city, you can sell to them at the cost price of N1050, and safe them the stress and transportation fare of going to the city to buy those items.

If the amount on the items in the city coupled with transportation fare are N10,000, they will spend lesser amount in your wholesale setting with little or no transportation fare, in this business transaction, the buyer and the seller will be happy in the end. N20 + N50 + 10, before you know it you’ll start counting in millions, and most retailers in your environs we become your customers.

Angle Roll
In the business environment, one need to be creative and innovative to be able to compete and do well in the long run.

We have heard of ”Egg Roll,” right? It is called by this name because of its shape, you can venture into snacks business and change the shape of your product to ”Angle Roll” and add more ingredients to it. Once this is done, you’ve successfully brought new product into the business world, pray and bless your product, be optimistic and see it grow with time.

You may take advantage of the moment we’re in and make proceedings from this business. Most farmers I know in the rural settlements do not go through the stress of weeding their farms with hoe and machete, rather, they prefer to employ the services of manual sprayer. The ones I came in contact with in my village, their service fee is N1,500 to work on 100 by 100 farm land. A lady I know can work on two different plots of farm land and realize N3,000 in a day. Multiply the said amount by 30 days, it’ll amount N90,000, I think the business is worth it.

3 in 1 nutrients

What do I mean? With the combination of plantain, corn and beans, you can come up with a new product. Dry these produce and grind them, put your finished product in a transparent containers and name your product ”3 in 1 Nutrients,” you may add more value to it by adding the images of the produce you got your product from.

You may go further to add your own business ideas and expand your business the more. In the list of the world richest persons, I think all of them are business owners. So being an entrepreneur gives you the platform to be the boss of your own. With the help of technology, you can take your business to the world at large. There are many platforms you can advertise your business on free of charge, then as your business metamorphose to something better, you can then advertise your product on television and radio stations, as God may have it, you will become a household name as long as business is concern. Owning a business is good, just that some of us, after graduation, all we wanted is employed job, but someone started these companies from scratch and now they are made, you can start yours as well.

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