4 United Players Who Were In The Club’s Academy During Ronaldo’s First Stint At Old Trafford

4 United Players Who Were In The Club's Academy During Ronaldo's First Stint At Old Trafford4 United Players Who Were In The Club’s Academy During Ronaldo’s First Stint At Old Trafford

Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo made his second debut for United, and it turned out to be the perfect homecoming. The Portuguese scored two goals in front of an Old Trafford crowd that had many prominent figures in it. A manager that he refers to as his father came to watch him, and many players who were once his teammates were present in the crowd. One other thing that caught attention is the fact that many players who once looked up to him when he wore the colours of United for the first time were on the pitch to celebrate with him.

Why playing in the club’s academy, kids tend to idolise and look up to those already in the first team. It becomes a dream come true when they have the opportunity to play alongside him. Some had the opportunity yesterday and others will still do the same in the next few months. Below are some players who went from idolising him while in the club’s academy to becoming his teammate.

Jesse Lingard.

Lingard was a late substitute in the game against Newcastle, and he even managed to get a goal in the same match. He has gone from looking up to Ronaldo to becoming his teammate. He was on the bench to celebrate Ronaldo’s two homecoming goals, and he even managed to celebrate his own goal with him.

Lingard joined United’s academy at the tender age or 7, and he even had the opportunity of being coached by Ronaldo in a youth game. He shared the photo of the encounter after the game as he could not contain his excitement.

Now they are both playing in the same team and even scoring in the same match.

Marcus Rashford.

Rashford joined United’s academy when he was just 7 years Old from the Fletcher Moss academy. While he was a star for the youth sides, Ronaldo was staring in the first team and he must have been looking up to him.

Though Rashford is injured now, he will have the opportunity of playing alongside his idol when he recovers.

Mason Greenwood.

Greenwood started the Newcastle match alongside Ronaldo, and he was the architect of his first goal. His powerful shot proved too much for Woodman to handle, and Ronaldo pounced to give United the lead. He celebrated with him after growing up while looking up to him.

He joined the club at the age of 6, and he witnessed Ronaldo’s best season for the club as an insider.

Scot McTominay.

The Scottish player joined United’s academy when he was just 5 years old, and he watched Ronaldo win the Balon d’Or at United. McTominay has spoken so much about how he idolised Ronaldo in the past.

Though he is yet to feature alongside him because of an injury that has slowed his progress, that will happen in the next few months.

These kids went from idolising Ronaldo in the club’s academy to becoming his teammates.


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