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5 Apps Where Billionaires Are Willing To Give You Money For Free To Start A business

5 Apps Where Billionaires Are Willing To Give You Money For Free To start a business

These are the 5 sites where billionaires are willing to give you money to start a business1. Kickstarter :

It is best for you if you have a business idea,a product,service or invention

If you can provide more information about your business it will be more better for you

2. Fundly :

Is simply best for everyone,you will still have your money even if it is not completely funded

3. GoFundMe :

Is for individuals who have plans on what they want to use money for, you will have to explain why others need to help you financially

4. BeggingMoney :

Is a trusted and straight to the point site that works uniquely unlike Kickstarter and GoFundMe,all the cash been donated to you is for you alone, not a penny will be removed


Is a free website for all, it is also best for individuals with long term goals like buying a house or car ,but you have to connect your bank account with the app which is important ,it will enable you create a savings account.

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