5 Attitudes That Hinders An Individual From Being Successful in Life, Avoid or Stop Doing Them

5 Attitudes That Hinders An Individual From Being Successful in Life, Avoid or Stop Doing Them

What is that thing you need to do in order to achieve wealth? What are those things you need to put in place to be what you want to be in life? These are the questions one should ask himself when on their journey to acquiring riches and wealth. Discussed In this article are some of the things you need to avoid in order to be successful in life.

Life is not balanced as we all say but we are the ones to balance it the way it will benefit us. Don`t just sit there and say “see that friend of mine whom we had primary and secondary school together but is now wealthy and successful”, what you should be asking yourself is “what did he do that made him very successful, what is it he went through to acquire his wealth?”. After comparing your life and status to that of your friend or relative who is richer or more successful than you, some might start to say that life`s not balanced. Life might not be balanced but you should try to make it balanced by yourself. One thing that you must not go into or stop doing to be successful is being envious. A wise person does not envy those who are more successful than him but rather learn from them and see those things they did that are good that he needs to apply to his life. The true fact is that you become more successful when you learn from successful people and envying them will only cause you pain, to be precise, envying someone who is more successful than you is total foolishness. You can even approach the person and ask him to mentor you on how to be successful like he/she did. A wise and famous person once said “it is not your mistake to be born poor but it is certainly your mistake to die poor”, it is a true fact and that riches we all aspire to have is all in our hands but it depends on how we look and work for it. This article is also a guideline to achieving success in life.

If you want to be successful, one true fact is that you can never sit in one place and expect to be rich without you putting efforts. How do you want your life to be? How do you want to live? Do you want to remain poor or you want to be rich? All these questions are left for you to decide because poverty is not destined for anyone unless you decide be poor.

If you want to be successful, wealthy or famous, there are certain things you have or must do. There are some guidelines and some things you must put into consideration. Before you read further, let us look at a brief story of Aliko Dangote the richest man in Africa today, I am sharing his story with you with the hope that we all might learn from it.

Aliko Dangote was born and raised in Kano state. He was not poor and had rich family members to support him financially, His grandfather Sanusi Dantata was a man who was said to be one of the richest in Kano in his time. Alhaji Dantata (Dangote`s grandfather) was a businessman. He was known for selling of rice and oats. Sanusi Dantata became Dangote`s guardian in 1965 after the death of his (Dangote) father. Dangote attended Al-Azhar university in Egypt which is one of Egypt`s most prestigious universities. Dangote approached his uncle and asked him to lend him $3000 to start his business. Dangote said “I remember back then when I was in primary school, I would buy packet of sweet and sell them”, that showed his interest in business at a very young age. He managed to repay his uncle back within three months as he made large profits after starting the business.

From the brief story above, these are the lessons extracted:

  1. He was dedicated: You saw that he never relented in making progress and he never let the chance go by. You should be dedicated to acheiving what you want to achieve in life and chase it with all your strength.
  2. Though he came from a rich family, he did not think of that but he decided to make way for himself. Many people are now lazy and they think that since they are from a rich background, they will not bother but can such person proudly boast that he has earned or become something in life to be proud of? Such person will have low self esteem.
  3. It was his plan to to go into business: You should first of all draw a plan for whatever you want to do, Dangote had had it in his mind that it is business he wants to go into and he kept that and pursued it dearly.
  4. He did what was suitable to him: He did what was on his mind and what he knew he was good at. Don`t follow what others are doing simply maybe because you think you will be recognized or because they are into it, rather do what suites you and what you know you are very good at as it can save you from future problems.

From the above mentioned lessons from Dangote`s brief story, you should learn that everything you want to do has to be organized. The above mentioned lessons are not enough for one to make it in life, there are certain things one must avoid too in also to be successful. Some of them are mentioned and discussed below. Some things that cannot allow one to make it in life are listed below.

1) Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the major agents that destroy the success of an individual. What an individual is supposed to acquire at a time can be lost due to procrastination. Procrastination is shifting the work you are supposed to do at a particular time to another anonymous time, it is the act of delaying or postponing something which should have been done at a particular time. Procrastination has destroyed many many opportunities, dreams and has been able to increase the level of laziness in many individuals. Go and do your work anytime you are expected to because you never know the good thing awaiting you. For example, God has planned to bless you on a particular day but on that day you are no where to be found at the place you are supposed to get something big. Do what you have to do and avoid procrastination.

2) Laziness

Laziness is similar to procrastination, when you are lazy, you will not do what you are supposed to do but rather shift it to another time not even having plans on doing it. Laziness is the cause of procrastination and should be dealt with. You must be hardworking in order to achieve your goals as your goals can not come and meet you but you must be the one to chase it. Imagine a shepherd who has lost his sheep and the sheep has not been seen for some time, the sheep cannot come until the shepherd makes effort towards finding it.

3) Being to dependent

How on earth do you expect to make it in life if you don`t get up and start working rather than depending on others for your needs? Being too dependent is another form of laziness. Do everything you need to do with one mind and be sure to receive your blessing. Those whom you are dependent on might be insulting you behind your back saying all sorts of things which can tarnish your image in the society, one sure fact is that you build a good image when you don`t depend on people but rather be the one people depend on.

4) Complaining too much

You should have it at the back of your mind that people who complain too much are likely not to make it in life, people might find this hard to believe but complaining every time depicts laziness in an individual. Whatever situation you find yourself, accept it and put more efforts to making the situation better, doing that makes one to be responsible, wise, mature and ready to be successful. A wise person doesn`t complain too much but adapts to the situation and does everything in his power to make any uncomfortable situation better. Complaining only let others know that you are not in control and shows that you are not responsible enough.

5) Not being prayerful

Prayer has the power to change your situation, while praying, pray with one mind and accord. Don`t pray selfishly as God ignores such prayers, pray while chasing wealth and success and be sure that how you are chasing wealth and riches is the legal and honest way. You can not achieve what you want in life if you forget to always put God first in whatever you do. Praying also allows one to build a good relationship with God.


Poverty is something we all don`t want but it all depends on the way we avoid it. Wealth is something anybody can access but it also depends on the individual and his efforts towards achieving it. Work hard and do everything in your power to avoid the above listed things that can not give way to success in the life of an individual. Do whatever you want to do in a good and honest manner that will draw you blessings.

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