5 Cheapest And Lucrative Business Ideas That Yields More Profit Than You Know

5 Cheapest And Lucrative Business Ideas That Yields More Profit Than You Know

Starting up a new business can sometimes be very challenging. A lot of people get sceptical about this because they are scared, however most times what they really fear is unknown.

Sometimes people can’t really place why they are scared about starting something new like venturing into a business even though they are passionate about it.

While some fear how to go about sourcing for the product they will like to sell, others are scared of how to go about selling to customers.

Some even believe that there’s no business that is as lucrative anymore since all of these businesses have been taken over by certain people.

However by reading further I will be sharing experiences with you on people I know who have ventured into the following businesses and their unique way of going about it. Having a business idea is one thing going about it well is another thing.

Here are 5 businesses that are lucrative and Cheap to Start up. You can decide to make and sell them yourself or get someone to sell them for you while you make them.

1. Peanut

Starting up a business like that of peanut is one of the cheapest businesses you can start up. First to make peanut all you need are these ingredients: flour, eggs, groundnut, sugar and groundnut oil.

You can start up this business with as low as 6000 to 7000 naira even less as long as you buy things in the quantity you need them. Do not buy excess for a start.

While I was serving there was this particular young corper who will make a lot of peanuts package them into small nylons and sell for corpers for 50 naira. Do you know you can do the same?

Package your peanut into bottles if you can, meet retailers around give them at a good price for them to sell for you and if you can give them two to three days to sell for you while you come back for your money why not?.

Package them into nylons too and sell to vendors around if your price is good people will surely buy. As your business grows you can brand your products and even sell to supermarkets. Sell to your church members, your colleagues at work and your friends.

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2. FruitSalad

While working in the bank a young lady walked up to myself and my colleague one day, she told us she was a student and that she sells fruit salad, she told us she will like to sell to us and that she would bring it for us the next day.

We agreed and before we knew it we started telling our colleagues about her fruit salad there was no day she came that she didn’t sell anything less than 13-15 pieces and she sold each in a transparent container for just 200naira.

Sometimes it’s not about how “small the business is it’s how you go about it.

Imagine you make 3,000 naira from about 8- 10 organizations in a day. Just from selling fruit salad. I’ll leave you to do the calculations.

You can start this business with at least 3 to 5000 naira. Use simple and cheap fruits like carrot, watermelon, cucumbers, coconut. Grapes and apples are expensive don’t start with that.

You can drop your questions and sentiments in the comments section I’ll definitely respond.

3. Small chops

This is one business you can do based on order. It is cheap to start and quite lucrative.

5. Liquid Soap

Mr A used to package liquid soaps and sell to companies in 20 -50 litres depending on his order. I hope you know that making 20 litres of liquid soap cost way lesser than 5000 naira. It used to be around 2800 last year.

Create Awareness let your own business be distinct supply from 5 litres.

5. Zobo Drink

Because of the sudden increase in the price of carbonated drinks the best time to start making and selling this drink is now.       A plastic paint of the flower used in the preparation of Zobo is still 700naira and all you need is sugar, flavour, ginger, pineapple ( optional) and plastic bottle to package them in. You can start zobo conveniently with less than 5000 naira. Make your zobo rich supply them to those who sell like Mrs B who distributes her zobo to retailers but make sure your zobo is different.

6. Accessories/ Jewelleries

This business has to do with the sale of wristwatches, bracelets, earrings, rings and lots more. You can start small there are very nice and packaged earrings that you can buy for 200 naira each and 500 naira for 3.

This items are extremely cheap in Lagos Island you might want to check them out.

Remember no business is too small to change your financial status.

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