5 Dangerous Habits That Can Make You Poor

5 Dangerous Habits That Can Make You Poor

Our lifestyle is among the greatest assets we have. They are responsible for almost every thing that happen to us. Our destiny is truly in our hands.

Health and longevity are largely dependent on your lifestyle. In the same way, riches and poverty are also dependent on our lifestyle.

We however admit that other factors such as background, connections and luck also play a role.

In this article however, we want to highlight some habits that can cause us to become poor.

1. Laziness.

There is actually no food for a lazy man. Laziness is one habit that is highly responsible for majority of the poverty that befall people.

2. Procrastination.

Procrastination is the act of deferring today’s activities for the next day. When a person begins to shift schedules and have no regard for scheduled appointments, poverty is on the way.

3. Lack of focus.

Success or riches comes when we can commence a program and follow it up till we complete it successfully.

When we loose focus and become jack of all trades, we may not be able to specialize on any. This habit brings poverty.

4. Extravagance.

Life did not provide everything to us in abundance. Even when they are abundant, there is competition for it which also brings the concept of scarcity.

So if we fail to learn how to manage the available resources, and spend carelessly we may become poor.

5. Sleeping too much.

Too much sleeping is a dangerous habit that can make us poor. Sleep is nature’s provision to enable us refresh and repair our tissues. So it is very important for our good health.

However, every thing that is good may also have a demerit. Excess sleep will cause a person to loose a lot of opportunities and loose focus..

6. Addictions.

Addictions of whatever kind is a very bad habit that may bring poverty. A person can be addicted to alcohol, hard drugs, women etc.

All manner of addictions are dangerous habits that may bring poverty and untold hardship to a man.

7. I can do it alone attitude.

Success is a collaborative effort, it requires having a team of people who believe in your vision and working with them to achieve success

Riches involves a calculated effort that is fueled by an inner drive. It requires consistency and hard work and is a collaborative effort.


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