5 EPL Clubs That Have Beaten Chelsea The Most Times In Football History (Photos)

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Chelsea is one of the most dominant clubs in Europe, and currently ranks number one in English football, thanks to the brilliant coaching of their present manager; Thomas Tuchel.

The club also has one the best squad right now, and they have faced and defeated many prominent clubs lately.

In this article, we will be looking at the 5 Premier clubs that have defeated Chelsea the most in football history.

1. Everton

Everton is first on this list, it is one of the most prominent English clubs, and they are currently 5th on the EPL table.

Many football fans are not aware of this, but Everton is one of the English clubs that have beaten Chelsea the most.

The two clubs have gone head to head in 164 games, Everton has won 53, drawn 50, and the rest 61 games Chelsea emerged victorious.

2. Aston Villa

Aston Villa is next on this list, they are also one of the popular clubs in England, they are currently 10th on the EPL table.

The 7-time premier league champions have a long history with Chelsea. Out of 142 games, they have played, Aston Villa has beaten the blues 52 times, drawn 33, and lost 57 of them.

3. Manchester United

Manchester United is next on this list, they are the most decorated club in England and currently sit at number 4 on the EPL table.

Manchester United also has a long history with Chelsea, these two clubs have clashed in Premier League finals so many times in the past.

They have played 158 games over the years, and the Red Devils have won 63 of them, 50 ended as a draw, and Chelsea has won just 45 games in all.

4. Arsenal

Arsenal is also one of the EPL clubs that have won Chelsea so many times. They currently sit at number 11 on the EPL table.

The 2 clubs have clashed 168 times, and the Gunners have won 65, 50 ended as a draw, and Chelsea has won 53 games in all.

5. Liverpool

Liverpool is currently one of the best clubs in English football, they are second on the EPL table and are the only club that has not lost any Premier league games this season.

Liverpool has won Chelsea over 70 times, out of 156 games, 35 ended as a draw, and Chelsea has won 51 of them.


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