5 farming businesses that can make you rich

5 farming businesses that can make you rich

Money is just a tool designed to solve the limitations of the barter system. Money is any object that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given country or socio-economic context. The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange; a unit of account; a store of value; and, occasionally, a standard of deferred payment.

Everything that man think of on earth is to make money each and everyday. Here are 5 crops that can fetch u a lot of money;

1. Groundnut Cultivation Business: For most of us in Nigeria, we believe ‘peanut; is groundnut coated in flour, sugar and egg coating. However, I will like to point out that groundnut is more popularly known as ‘peanut’. Groundnut farming is one agro-business idea that will always sell, no matter the condition.

The reason is that groundnut has so many uses. Groundnut can be eaten as a snack when boiled or fried. It can also be used to produce peanut butter, groundnut oil, and the very popular Nigeria ‘kuli kuli’ snack. Usually, any crop that has a variety of usage, like groundnut, is very easy to market.

If you can produce well enough groundnut on your farm, you will make so much money selling your produce. You can sell your groundnut produce when they are freshly harvested to those who prefer to eat or sell boiled groundnuts. Peradventure, your groundnut becomes dry after some time, you can sell them to manufacturing companies and small groundnut processing enterprises.

As long as the soil and climate condition of your area is good for cultivating groundnut, you should consider farming some groundnuts next season.

2. Cassava Farming Business: Commercial cassava farming has been a very profitable farming venture for Nigerian farmers. Cassava tubers which is in very high demand is the raw material for producing ‘garri’ which is a staple food for the Nigerians. Cassava farming venture is known for its low input- high output nature.

I so much love cassava farming particularly, and I will not hesitate to advise someone I love to go into the cultivation of cassava. This crop is widely consumed in many African countries and in South America also.

Just like groundnut, cassava has also found itself so many uses. Cassava can be boiled and eaten like a yam or processed into flour, chips, garri, starch and of course fufu.

In fact, fufu production is one of the most popular uses of cassava. Always consider farm products that has a long value chain or a variety of usage first in choosing an agro-business venture. The use of cassava as a substitute for flour production is growing rapidly. You should expect that the demand for cassava will grow in the coming years as a result.

Just ensure you follow the steps in this cassava farming guide. You are well on your way to making some cool cash from agriculture.

3. Ginger farming: Ginger is a medicinal plant that is highly sought after in many markets both for its medicinal values and for its aromatic taste.

The crop is mostly grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and it comes with a lot of health benefits which include relieving muscle pain, nausea and constipation.

You can grow large quantities of ginger plant and sell them off freshly harvested, dried, powdered, or use it in the production of ginger juice. Another way to make money from ginger is through foreign exchange.

In a recent report, China is the world’s largest exporter of ginger, yet there is still a high demand for the crop in the foreign market. Ginger can also be processed into foods and cosmetics.

4. Mushroom Farming: Mushrooms are naturally occurring fungi that can give you much money.

The profitability of mushroom farming in Nigeria is so much that if you invest in this agribusiness, you will no longer have money complains.

Mushrooms are a rich source of vitamins, protein, and minerals. Most people prefer to have mushrooms in their meal to having meat or even fish considering its nutritional value and superior health implications.

Even though mushrooms are highly profitable, not all mushrooms are edible. Some are non-edible and are poisonous to man when eaten.

Don’t just dabble into the agribusiness, make sure you receive adequate training on mushroom farming so that you can distinguish between the edible and non-edible mushrooms.

You will also learn how to correctly cultivate mushrooms so that they produce massively. The reason why growing mushrooms deliberately to eliminate the possible danger of gathering the poisonous mushroom type is vital.

Before you start the business of farming mushrooms, you must have a dark shed or room for the mushroom. The reason is that a mushroom is not a green plant with undergoes photosynthesis, therefore, it may not be needing so much sunlight to produce.

Other requirements include sawdust, Polythene bags, and Spawns/mushrooms seeds. You will also be needing Urea/nitrogen fertilizer, Lime, water, ceiling machine, weighing scale, and a Refrigerator for storage.

5. Rice Cultivation: Rice is one cash crop that is eaten by every Dick and Harry in all parts of the world. This wide acceptance of rice by many races has made it a highly coveted food in many homes and has increased its demand.

There are different varieties of rice in the market today, but you don’t need to be afraid whether you will sell or not. Different people have a different variety of rice which they prefer to eat. Some prefer the local Abakiliki rice or Ofada rice in Nigeria.

Many other people may prefer to have the imported long or short grain rice from Thailand and other foreign countries. The fact still remains that there is high demand for varieties. Rice is best grown in a swampy or waterlogged area.

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