5 Things You Need To Start Cooking Gas Business In Nigeria

5 Things You Need To Start Cooking Gas Business In Nigeria

This days Nigerians are beginning to make use of cooking gas for several domestic purposes and this means the market is large for people who wants to start the Business.

The Business is one of the profitable Business in Nigeria and you don’t need a fortune to start it. You can start the Business with 200,000-300,000 thousand naira.

There are things you need to know about it or have.

1. Capital: This kind of business is not something that one can start with 50k if you really wants to make Profit. You need at least 300k to start a profitable cooking gas Business in Nigeria. So check your pocket to know if this business is for you.

2. Learn About The Business: before you start a cooking gas Business in Nigeria, you need to get training from experience retailer for at least 5-7 months. You need to know how to operate the machine, how to refill and other things important in the business.

3. Location: Before you start this business, you need to find a location that people living around the area uses gas. For instance I will advise people to open this business in Students areas.

4. Market Strategy: As you start the Business you need to employ all marketing tactics to keep the Business up and running.

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