5 ways to get your money back from debtors especially friends and family

5 ways to get your money back from debtors especially friends and family

These tips I will be sharing works for me all the time. They can also work for you in your bid to get back money you borrowed someone. It is always harder to get back borrowed money if the person in question is your friend or family member, but with these tips, you have nothing to worry about.

1. Polite reminder: sometimes the person we borrowed money genuinely forgot that he or she is owning us, a polite reminder can get you back your money.

2. Ask them for update on what they used the money for: this is another trick that works very well. For eg, someone borrowed you money to buy asoebi for a wedding, ask him or her for update. “So how was the wedding?” “You didn’t even send me pictures of the cloth and how you slayed” “it was me that made you fine o” Use that opportunity to ask for your money.

3. Make them pay for stuff when you are together: Assuming you are riding cab together, or having lunch together, or going shopping together, etc. Make them pay for your stuff and tell them that you are subtracting it from what they are owing you.

4. Give them a flexible deadline: Before you borrow money, be sure to give them a payment deadline that is flexible. Don’t expect them to pay back in 2 days, complete your kindness and extend deadline to a flexible date, e.g month end.

5. Allow room for instalmental payment: Some people will say they want their money back in bulk, truth is you are not ready to get your money back. Instalmental payment is the best way to get your entire money back.

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