5 Ways You Can make Income From Your Smart Phone

Unemployment have been alot of challenge in the society as many youths seems to be roaming about the street searching for jobs to do in order to earn a living when they don't know that they can make millions of Naria from their phone. We are into digital age where we prefer to chat with people than to look for business opportunities online to keep yourself busy, below are several ways you can make money online

5 Ways You Can make Income From Your Smart Phone.

1. Become an Online reseller: Do you know that you can make money online by just reselling products online, you can register under popular shopping companies such as Amazon, AliExpress, Jumia, Konga and other Shopping companies by just registering as their agent.

How To Register

– Under all Shopping center there is an option where you can register as an reseller agent such as Jumia and Konga, they all have a reseller account where only few numbers of people are aware of this, the benefits is that as a reseller y

2. Start a Blog : Creating a blog is one of the fastest means of making money online but it requires alot of time and dedication and it is absolutely free to start a blog of your own using popular hosting services just like WordPress and Blogger, this companies offers free web hosting for you to create and monetize a blog of your own.

How to Create a Blog

– First of all you create a blog using blogger or WordPress

– After creating a blog you register for AdSense or other companies for you to monetize your blog

ou stand a chance to buy things at a dis

3. Start a WhatsApp Tv: Many people thinks that people who operates WhatsApp Tv are just wasting their time but they don’t know that they are working their Tv in order for them to build large number of audience so that they can start advertising people product at a stipulated price, the more people you advertise the more money you earn, this is very legit and I am a testimony of this.

How to Start a WhatsApp Tv


– Download WhatsApp Business Account on your Google Playstore and register it with a new sim not with your personal WhatsApp number, so that you don’t miss your important chats.

– Then start sharing your WhatsApp Tv link on different social media platform and instantly your followers will start building gradually, although it may be stressful but nothing comes easy

counted price and sell it at the market price

4. Register as a creator on Opera News: Opera news seems be one of the fast moving platform as alot of youths seems to be registering on this platform, you earn money the more you post articles and the more reach you get, this platform seems to be confusing for alot of newbie who joined it why because they failed to understand some certain rules on the platform, before you join this platform make sure you read all the news governing it and I guarantee you that you will make money fast

How to register on the Opera News Hub

– Install the Opera News App on your Google Play Store

Register on the app and make sure you have an Opay account before you proceeds to Registration

To create an Opay account click here

Then after that you click on the profile icon on the Opera news app and register as a creator

5. Become a Telecommunication Agent: Do you know that you can recharge your Gotv, Startimes and Dstv from your phone on discounted price and also you can book flights and hotels and also fund your betting account on your phone, this is possible through various telecom app such as Opay and Jumia one app.

You can start r

How to register As a Telecom Agent

– Install Jumia one app on your phone by clicking here

After Installation you register on the app and make sure you have a working atm card to connect with the app

After registration the platform will open where you can see different services.

For Opay

– Just like the Jumia one app you install the Opay app by clicking here

– Then you fill the required information on the app and the platform will be display different services that they render.

This is one of the fastest means of making money as people seems to be recharging their phone and satellite dish everyday.

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echarging people cable subscription at discounted price and collect your money with income.

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