6 Effective Ways To Study Without Stress

6 Effective Ways To Study Without Stress
6 Effective Ways To Study Without Stress.

It’s easy to say that there is no student in the world who doesn’t find it hard to to study if he is not equipped with basic knowledge. For majority, studying is almost regarded as a way of punishment they have to endure and this has caused failure and low grade to many students because it is natural that without studying you cannot pass.

This article shares 6 smart ways that will help you study effectively without feeling it like some cruel and unusual form of punishment

1. Be Mindful of How You Approach Studying
Research reveals that the way you approach a thing determines to a large extent how you will get the thing done. Having the right mindset goes a long way in helping you study smarter and more effectively. Majority of people see studying as a very big task or some kind of punishment rather than an opportunity to learn and become a much better person. People usually say intelligence is sexy right. Well, if studying is the price you need to pay to be intelligent then I fell it is worth paying to build that intelligence.

2. Be Mindful of Where You Study

Study environment contributes to effective study. Studying in a place that is not conducive or is too distracting for you will concentrate will not let assimilate what you study. Choose a quiet place that you alone will be and if possible away from you phones and gadgets. Some people can study with background music either on speaker on with earphone in their ear while some need absolute quiet. Whatever method you belong, ensure the environment is conducive for you and opt for such environments when you study.

3.Bring Only What You Need to Study Center

After you have identified your ideal and conducive environment to study, avoid bringing things you don’t need at the moment. The reason is those things can be a distraction to you, e.g your phone if not needed. At the same time be sure you bring everything you will need to study with to avoid time wastage of going back and forth due to what you forgot that will be important to you.

4. Have a Game Plan
This means understanding what you want to study (in terms of quantity and complexity). It is a wrong approach to go to study centre with the mind of reading any book that comes into your hand. You need to know the specific period of time you want use reading and executing a strategy that will help you cover all you have to study adequately within the frame of time, without giving yourself a headache trying to cram it all the night.

5. Use Different Study Methods

This approach is mainly to make the study process more interesting. But, if you’re comfortable with using one particular study method, I advise you maintain it. You can use mnemonic devices, flashcards, jotting down study points, rewriting your notes, taking practice exams or even creating a study game, doing past questions, studying with study partners. These are some of the study methods you can employ.

6. Take A Break

Taking a breaks is also important as studying, just be careful not to be carried away or misuse it. The mind works better and faster when you take a break any time it is overloaded usually 30 minutes to an hour. It helps you absorb the information and decompress it to help your mind feel free and relaxed for more study.

Don’t be busy reading for hours unendingly, it can give you a headache or make you sleep off, infact it makes the brain becomes weak. Just take a break by moving around, taking something light like water or snacks, watching a short video or talking to study partners.

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