6 Major Regrets People Have In Their Old Age

There is a saying that, "Tortoise once mentioned that, any of his children that learns from its own failure rather than that of others, IS A FOOL

There is a saying that, “Tortoise once mentioned that, any of his children that learns from its own failure rather than that of others, IS A FOOL. It further claimed that its REAL SON is that which heeds the LESSON FROM OTHERS MISTAKES.”

To not be like tortoise unwise child, but the wise ones, I made this post, so you could learn from the mistakes most aged ones made in life and regret dearly.

Here are 6 major regrets most people have at their old age, know them and always remember them – don’t fall victim. 

1. Not Taking Adequate Care of Their Body

The very first thing that shows how well or bad one has lived is life is HIS HEALTH.

Most people face tough health challenge during their old age, not because of their current lifestyle but the lifestyle they lived during their youth age.

To avoid this happen in your old age; take care of your health during your youth, eat healthy and exercise.

2. Not Starting a Business

I’ve said it before, “money is a tool not the goal, freedom is the goal.” Most people lack financial freedom during their old age.

If only it is possible to reverse the hand of time, one of the things the aged ones, would do is to start a business that will keep them secure in their old age – in days whereby they wouldn’t have much energy to run up and down, but rely on the effort they’ve made in the youthful age.

To not fall victim of this; start a business – A Side Hustle!

Work your ass off, fail! Fail and fail over again! Keep failing till you succeed!

Fail when you still have the energy to restart, not when you’re old already.

Don’t let not starting your own business in your youthful age be a regret later in the future.

3. Not Saving For Retirement

Aside not starting a business, some people regret not saving for their old age.

If only they can go back to their youth age; they will work hard to the extent that they will be much more successful than most people their age.

Not matter how little, start saving – never underestimate the power of compound interest. Only save in areas you are knowledgeable (Consider Inflation When Saving).

Invest part of your saving to channels that will earn your multiple folds in yearsPlan!

Plan ahead, it won’t be funny to realize you’ve wasted all your youth age doing noting significant for yourself when you’re old.

4. Not Spending Enough Quality Time With Loved Ones

Their are quite few things money can’t buy, one of them is the satisfaction one derives from spending quality time with loved ones.

Some moments only occur once in one’s lifetime, failure to make adequate use of them will lead to forever regret.

Love people when you still have them around. Nothing concerns death about age, you never can tell when you will die – Live In The Moment.

5. Not Investing In Asset.

Similar to not starting a business, a lot of the old ones regret not investing in asset.

After growing old they suddenly realize, buy a new car will do them no good when there is no solid investment in place, whereas a house will be of benefit in years to come.

If you don’t want to fall victim of this, buy more assets and less liabilities.

In a simple and clear terms, assets are things you acquire that bring in money, liabilities take money out if your pocket.

More cars will do you more harm than good in years to come, acquiring more houses for investment purpose(real estate) will do you more good than you can ever imagine when you’re old.

They will yield, buy you more cars and promise even better returns. Be wise! ?

6. Not Expressing Their Feelings

Ever heard of the word YOLO?…You Only Live Once.

The people who truly understand that sentence are the old aged. Some of them fail to fully express themselves when they’re young

To keep quiet when they suppose to speak up and dearly regret doing so.

Someone once said, “It is not the things we did that we regret the most, but the things we fail to do

If you still have the time, get things done!

Tell that person how you feel about them!

Work where you are loved and appreciated, not where you feel like a prisoner!

Calmly express your feelings of unhappiness to friends who find joy in seeing you sad!

Free yourself from emotional blackmailers!

Live the way you won’t regret later in your life. To be happy and fulfilled, learn to express your feelings.

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