6 Reasons Why Hustling Won’t Make You Rich

Most entrepreneurs define how to hustle as working harder and longer than the other guys, to ensure they get ahead. Many of you mistakenly think “hustling” is the secret to wealth and success.

Too many entrepreneurs are overly proud of their hustle, even though they aren’t achieving the results they want.

They’re proud of themselves for working their faces off, and they’re in denial about how pointless their hard work is. The truth is that even the best hustlers don’t retire rich.

Why Husting Will Not Make You Rich.

Nobody cares about your all-nighters or your hard work. People only really care about the results.

If being a hustler was the secret to success, we wouldn’t know so many broke hustlers.

We wouldn’t see all of these poor hustlers who work 80 hours per week, yet still aren’t making the grade A money they want to make.

Here are 7 reasons why hustling won’t make you rich, and 7 examples of what will.

1. Time Spent Thinking Is Usually less.

How much time do you spend just thinking instead of doing? If you’re too busy spending your time hustling, you’ll never put aside time to just think.

The human mind is incredible if it’s given room to brainstorm and think. If you schedule thinking time for yourself, you’ll be able to solve problems, get creative and come up with excellent ideas and strategies.

Becoming wealthy and successful is an intellectual sport, so you must possess the ability to think. During your thinking time, ask yourself high-quality, deep and profound questions.

2. If You Master the Power of Elimination, You’ll No Longer Need To Hustle.

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who can identify what is worth their time, and eliminate all useless activity.

Wisdom is knowing what not to do. A wise person who has mastered the power of elimination is much less likely to waste his or her time.

Wisdom is knowing when you don’t have to do spend time working on something because you know the effort won’t yield significant results.

3. Hustlers Don’t Understand The 80/20 Rule.

When it comes to identifying the efforts that are worth your time and eliminating the rest, understanding the 80/20 rule is crucial. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of positive outcomes can be attributed to 20% of your efforts.

20% of your hard work and activities can, therefore, produce 80% of your results if you know what you’re doing. When you identify what that golden 20% consists of, you’ll no longer need to hustle or work 15 hours per day.

4. Hustling is Not a Sustainable Practice.

Hustling is not sustainable. Pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion will only hinder your success in the long run. Speaking of long runs, If you run the first 5 miles of a marathon at blazing speeds, you probably won’t have enough energy to do anything except crawl lethargically for the rest of it.

When you hustle too hard and burn out, your business will suffer. Exhaustion robs you of time, productivity, and creativity.

5. You Have To Work Smarter, Not Harder.

You’ve heard the saying, “it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality” before, right? Of course, you have. Well, that principle applies to the hustle as well.

It’s not about the number of hours worked – it’s about the quality of the work. You don’t have to work harder, you just have to work smarter.

The issue isn’t the number of hours you commit to – it’s all about what you’re doing during those hours and the strategies you’re implementing. If your strategy isn’t working, all those hours devoted to it are worthless.

6. Leverage Is Better

Leverage is what makes people rich, not hustling. Leverage is about using other people’s time, other people’s money, other people’s knowledge, other people’s skills and other people’s resources.

Instead of hustling and using up all of their own time, rich people use leverage.

Leverage is the key to achieving 10 times more impact, 10 times more quality and 10 times more value.

Leverage helps you create more value in a shorter amount of time.

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