6 Rules of money you should know to help you in life

6 Rules of money you should know to help you in life

1. Money does not change people it shows who they are

Think of money like a magnifying glass whatever traits lay hidden before are now ten times bigger and now people can notice them. The same magnifying glass lights that initial spark that awakens this trait that was dormant before. Money also acts like gasoline it makes the fire bigger it allows you to move quicker and faster. It grants you access to tools and resources it depends on who you are and where you want to channel its force. Money doesn’t change people it strips your vulnerability of being poor and brings them the platform of who they are.

2. Never spend money before you earn it

If you always want to be poor keep spending money you haven’t earn yet. This is the main reason why most people never escape poverty they borrow money to buy things they don’t need or can’t afford. Some whose fought it is some will say is the media aggressively marketing product to the vulnerable individuals promising happiness and the respect of their peers. Others say is an educational Issue that nobody teaches you this thing but actually, it is a personal thing you are sacrificing your future at the expense of your present. People overspend on things they can’t afford and that’s why they will never break the cycle of poverty.

3. Don’t chase money instead be a money magnet

It can be broken down into two halves the first part is don’t chase money. As far you are always chasing money it will keep running away from you nobody likes to be chased instead let money come to you. The second part is about attracting money which means becoming valuable enough by yourself that money comes to you because of your skills and attitude. That is the more valuable you become as an individual the more people will want you to solve problems for them they gladly run after money and bring it to you. The fundamental difference between customers of value and creators of value is one spends while the other receives money.

4. Invest time before you invest money

This is the main thing holding people back from starting. The common belief of the average man is that you need money to make money what this person never learns is that time is more valuable than money. It will take you an average of seven years to build up a business, ten years if you are not as smart, and five years if you already got money, to begin with. Time is an acquirement the sooner you start you’ll get there.

5. The more you learn the more you earn.

Learning is about acquiring knowledge that can be transferred into valuable in your life and in others that’s what learning is. Knowledge of that has no potential to be manifested that’s not knowing it is trivial to focus yourself to get out of this hole of mediocrity. If you are looking to make money you need to learn how money is made you need to practice making money until you are good at it just like learning how to play musical instruments.

6. Never be a slave to money

Society works this day we are enslaving ourselves we have invented this amazing tool called debt. Some people use it to get themselves free while others lose their freedom bad debt is just the latest form of slavery. The moment you borrow money your life is no longer yours it belongs to the creditors who loaned you the money. Money is floating in between you either your own money or money that owns you. You need to be the master of money never borrow to impress anyone instead always invests, learn and be a money magnet


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