7 Businesses You Can Start in Nigeria With Just 100k

7 Businesses You Can Start in Nigeria With Just 100k7 Businesses You Can Start in Nigeria With Just 100k

With the current situation of Nigeria, people are devising other means to survive and earn money in other to cater for their day-to-day expenses. A lot of graduates are unemployed due to a lack of jobs in the country, some of the ones that are employed are earning peanuts which is not enough to cater for their expenses. A lot of people are looking for businesses to venture into to earn extra income but the problem most face is capital. so in this article, I shall be discussing 7 businesses you can start with just 100k.

Daycare services

With people running around every day trying to hustle for money to cater for their needs, we hardly find women that are full time house wives, many women are into 9-5 jobs and the last thing they want to bother about is where to keep their children. running a daycare service is a very lucrative business you can start, all you need is a space to start with and employ one or two workers for assistance. People pay within the range of 15k to 50k for daycare services, imagine having 10 children under you, you’ll be making over 1500k to 500k monthly.

Egg distribution business

Even as egg keeps getting expensive a lot of people still consume it. we eat eggs with different foods such as bread, rice, yam, potato, noodles and many more. Egg is also used in the making of some of our pastries from chinchin to cake to eggroll and so many other pastries. This shows you that the demand for eggs daily would be high. All you need to start this business is to source eggs from poultry and deliver to commercial or individuals outlets. Egg distribution is a good business you can start. You’ll be needing a car to convey your eggs if you don’t have a car you can also rent one.

POS (Point of sale) agent business

POS business is one business you can start in Nigeria for less than 100k and make a good income daily, ATMs are not everywhere and in places where we find these machines, there will always be a long queue so a lot of people sort for POS agent. These agents make their money through commissions, if at least 50 people come to withdraw 1000 naira from you daily and you charge a commission of 30 naira for each 1000 naira. You are guaranteed to be making over 50,000 Naira in profit monthly. if you are in a good location, you can be making over 100k in profit monthly.

Mobile kitchen

Many people have busy schedule nowadays which gives them no time to cook, but they have to consume something. some individual due to their busy schedule pay mobile kitchens to make stew or soup for them in large quantity which they will store in their freezer. Some people just like tasty meals so they pay mobile kitchens to make and deliver the food for them. So if you know how to cook good meals, this is one business you can start with 100k and make a good return.

Soap making

We use soap ever single day to wash our hands, plates, clothes, to clean our houses and to do many other things. Soap production is another business you can start with less than 100k. You can make liquid soap for different purposes. You can brand and distribute your soap to supermarkets or advertise them online.

Dry cleaning/ laundry business

This is another fantastic business you can venture into. you can buy a washing machine for as low as 40 thousand naira. all you need is to wash iron and deliver the clothes back to your customers.

Barbing Saloon

Yes, I know what you are thinking ” I don’t have the skills to be a barber”. You can still venture into this business without knowing how to barb. All you need is to rent a shop, get the equipment and employ a skilled barber. you can be making as much as 3000 thousand naira daily.

There you have it, some of the business you can start in nigeria with 100k. So go and collect that money you borrowed someone or the one you kept in the bank and venture into one of them so as to start making your profits.


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