7 Most Popular Misconception About Success You Must Avoid If You Want To Become Successful In Life

From our definition, success is not a term reserved for the rich but anyone who set a goal, pursue and actualize it is successful.

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Before we go into the points, I would like to say a few words about success.

Success is the achievement of one’s aim or goal or something which happens as a consequence (an outcome or result).

So from the definition above, it is obvious that success is not only about financial breakthrough but achieving the goal you have set for yourself in life.

Let’s quickly run through the 7 most popular misconception about success.

1. Only the rich are successful

From our definition, success is not a term reserved for the rich but anyone who set a goal, pursue and actualize it is successful.

2. School can not lead you to success (school na scam).

People who say this are those who believe that success can only be measured by net worth. There are people With successful career which they gained through formal education and they’re affecting lives because that is what they want. That is success!

3. Only business men and people in networking are successful

It is not true. From the definition we understand that success can come from any dimension. We have people who are successful through talents, career and more.

4. All fingers are not equal

Yes, everyone can not be the number 1 on the list but we’re all given equal opportunity (life) to become the number 1. Your kind of dream and how you work towards actualizing it determine which of the fingers you are.

5. Everyone born with silver spoon are successful

No! As a matter of fact, it is even tougher for rich kids to actualize their dream because most of them feel reluctant. Some of them don’t even have a dream. Kudos to those out there struggling to achieve their goal.

6. Just have a big dream and wait for your destiny helper

It is better you work towards your big dream. Start something no matter how small so that, when the supposed destiny helper actually arrives it becomes an addition.

7. If you’re not successful at early age, then say bye to success

Age is no limit to success. I even heard that the own of KFC started after retirement.

You see, wake up, set a goal and work towards it and you will definitely find yourself succeeding.

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