7 Things That Poor People Invest Their Time On That Rich People Don’t

7 Things That Poor People Invest Their Time On That Rich People Don’t

1. Poor people watch TV while rich people read books, because they believe that a time wasted on watching TV can yield something positive when invested.

2. Poor people get paid based on time but rich people get paid based on results.

3. Poor people blame others for their misfortunes while rich people take responsibilities for their own failures.

4. Poor people focus on savings while rich people focus on investing, because the believe that every penny they save is still not enough to take care of their problems.

5. Poor people always think the know it all but rich people are always eager to learn continuously.

6. Poor people believe that money is the root of all evil while rich people believe that poverty is the root of all evil.

7. Poor people have lottery mentality because they believe that the only way to get rich is by gambling, even when they know that their chances of winning is slim to none, they still go ahead to gamble while rich people in this case have action mentality, because they believe if there must be a win it will be upto them to achieve it.

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