7 Things to Do to Avoid Poverty

Nobody desires to be poor. Poverty can turn you into someone you have never desired in life.

7 Things to Do to Avoid Poverty

Nobody desires to be poor. Poverty can turn you into someone you have never desired in life. Rich people will always view you as a nobody and more often suspect you if anything goes missing in their houses. Its important therefore to make use of the potential you have in order to get your own money. Rich people were also once poor but later on worked hard and got what they have at the moment. However, do not do many things that will risk your eternal life in your quest for riches. Earthily riches have nothing to do with what will happen when we appear in heaven. Do these 7 things and you will never regret;

1. Start doing something and stop postponing.

Something undone is nothing achieved. Do not count your achievements about something you have not done. Postponing things in life will only make you poor and create the spirit of procrastination. Do something useful like selling groundnuts, buying and selling second hand clothes and doing online supplies. Involve yourself in small hustles. In case you have the main job then make sure you do the side hustles that will help you earn something extra to save and cater for emergencies. Many millionaires rose from rags and therefore do not despise your humble beginnings.

2. Be careful with your expenditure.

Make sure you keep records of what you have done and what you are about to do. You are supposed to account for any cent that comes out of your pocket. Be very careful at how you spent your money. Careless spending will only make you poor in future. If you find out that your income cannot last for a month then you have poor spending habits. Have a scale of preference to satisfy your needs but not to the maximum but just to survive in order to save for future wants.

3. Invest wisely.

What many people fail to do in life is investing. You invest poorly, you die poor. Buy a land or plots or alternatively you can build houses. Buy things that you can resell with a profit. Do not buy machines that will depreciate even a day after you have bought them. Buying such commodities will make you poor because you want to show off forgetting that showing off do not last for long.

4. Utilize your home environment.

You will be surprised that we have people from rural areas who do not have even a single chicken. How much does it cost to rear chicken in rural areas? We have ready made food, enough space and security. Turn your home into a profit making organizations by beginning income generating projects. Some of the things you can do include rearing livestock and cultivating vegetables. You can sell their products and later become the richest in the land.

5. Protect yourself and family.

Protecting yourself and the family is very important. Avoid anything that can cut short your life. Avoid too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, driving while drunk. In fact driving while drunk will only lead to an accident and therefore killing your family. Be very cautious about the things that might end your life. Its Important that you protect your family and your life too. Avoid bad friends, employ security guards, get serious dogs and make sure you are safe.

6. Insurance of your properties.

Once you begin getting something tangible then ensure that insure them. This will take care of the future costs that might arise in case you are met with a misfortune. Insure your car, house and other things that you do not want to loose. Your family should not be rendered poor and helpless when you die. Its Important therefore that you be careful and Insure your properties.

7. Be a cheerful giver.

To be a millionaire, you must learn how to be generous. The bible says that God blesses the hand that gives than the one that receives. So having a stingy lifestyle will one day turn you into a beggar. Learn to help the poor, give to those in need and the Lord will multiply your wealth. You must provide work to those who need and pay them well. Sacrifice yourself and make sure you have made someone smile. It feels good if someone smiles because you helped him.

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