7 Ways To Overcome Poverty

1. never stay idle, you must do something to earned a living, learning of any trade or look for a work somewhere that must bring you money daily, weekly or monthly.

2. Don’t spent all your money that comes your ways, do some servings by keeping some of your money in the Bank or micro finance house. This will help in planning a head as your last resort.

3. Avoid unnecessary budget, stop planning above your income.let’s your scale of need be within your financial capacity,and don’t put all your need on one budget,it doesn’t matter how important they may appear.

4. Family planning. Discuss with your wife or husband to see a nurse or a doctor about family planning, space and reduce the number of your children, to enable you feed and educates them properly with your income.

5. Bless a cup of water and say, water I’m thirsty but for a divine financial breakthrough, as I’m drinking you ,millions of naira or dollars is flowing into me spiritually and out for the result in a short time.

6. You must be obedience to God, by being prayerful and worshiping him alone. He is the one that blessed ,the great Luke 1;37,For ‘with God nothing shall be impossible. Read also Joel 2;24_26.

7. You must be a giver, try and be putting smiles on people faces in any little way you can be able to do,do it with pleasure, givers never lacked.

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