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8 Businesses You Can Start Up With Just 10,000 Naira.

These days, a lot of people really want to start up a business but they don't know how to go about and many others feel that the capital they have would be insufficient to start up a business.

8 Businesses You Can Start Up With Just 10,000 Naira.  Well, if you are one of such people who have been thinking and looking for a busin

8 Businesses You Can Start Up With Just 10,000 Naira.

Well, if you are one of such people who have been thinking and looking for a business that can be started up with the sum of 10,000 naira or even less, this article is definitely for you.

I am going to educate you and also open your eyes to businesses you can start up with as low as 10,000 and even less.

1. You can start selling pure water. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t drink pure water especially when they are outside their various houses. Cold pure water business is a very lucrative one.

A bag of pure water contains 20 sachets of pure water and each sachet can be sold for either 10 naira or 20 naira. The price of a bag of water ranges from 80 naira to 100 naira.

Let’s assume you buy a bag for 100 naira and you sell each sachet for 10 naira. Then let’s say you sell 4 bags which is equal to 80 sachets in a day.


Your total gain would be 400 naira because you bought 4 bags for 400 naira and sold each sachet for 10 naira. Your total sales calculation is 800 naira then you subtract the 400 naira you used in buying the water and your balance will then be 400 naira.

So, imagine making 400 naira every day. Isn’t that a lot of money?

2. Roasted plantain business is popularly known as ‘bole’. This business is a very lucrative one because I have never seen anyone who doesn’t love nor eat plantain. If you ask me, plantain no get enemy. You can get three heads of big plantains for less than 5000 naira. You can sell a single roasted plantain for 150 naira.

3. You can start selling snacks like puff puff, buns and doughnuts. The ingredients needed for these snacks are flour, sugar, groundnut oil and butter. You can decide to add an additional ingredient of your choice but everything you would spend won’t exceed 10,000 naira.

4. Akara business. Who doesn’t eat Akara? Please tell me. Almost everyone does. Akara is more like the most consumed snack in Nigeria. Some people eat Akara for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some eat Akara even if they had something else to eat. Akara business can be started with less than 10,000 naira.

5. You can start up a roasted and cooked corn business with less than 10,000. A bag of corn doesn’t cost up to 10,000. When you buy a bag of corn, you can either start roasting it or you can cook it and start hawking. If you ask me, everyone eats corn so you won’t have a problem with a bad market because there will always be people that will patronise you.

6. You can also start the business of selling things like Irish potato and sweet potato with less than 10,000 naira.

7. You can also start selling African pear because this is the season.

8. You can also start selling fresh pepper with less than 10,000 naira.

So, I really do hope you learnt something new and also good ways to invest your 10,000 naira.

Feel free to ask your questions.

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