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8 Ways On How To Make Money Using WhatsApp

As you know, Facebook bought WhatsApp some years ago. Now Facebook has allowed content creators to make money by partnering with

As you know, Facebook bought WhatsApp some years ago. Now Facebook has allowed content creators to make money by partnering with them on Facebook but this has not been extended to WhatsApp. But the truth is, people are becoming more and more engaged on WhatsApp than even on Facebook. There is always a way for those who are determine. While WhatsApp does not provide direct way on how to make money with WhatsApp account, there are WhatsApp earning method that can be used.

* Here are ways you can make money on whatsApp;

1. ySense (ClixSense)

Previously, ySense was not on our list but as we promised, we will keep testing and updating this list. After testing, ySense has automatically jumped to our number one on list of how to make money from WhatsApp.

2. Short-links

This is the easiest and most popular way to make money from WhatsApp, sending short-links. It was previously number one. Maybe you have been sent short-links before, you clicked on it and you never knew, the person is making money from it.

3. Affiliate links

Another way to make money from WhatsApp is through Affiliate links. This method can fetch you good money if you have high end contacts or belong to high end groups.

4. Market your own products or skills

Instead of sending affiliate links, you can choose to market your own products. This is one way you can make money from WhatsApp and you will be in total control. If you have products or services, you can make a business card and send to your contacts or groups and tell them how much discount you are offering them. Always make sure that the people or groups you approach have interested in your kind of products.

5. Become a WhatsApp Marketer for businesses

This may sound strange but this is real! There are people who are paid to promote businesses on WhatsApp! First, you have to be in groups that have lots of contacts. Have large number of contacts too.

Then use forums, social media and any platform you have to advertise yourself. Lines like “I can help you reach 1000 new customers via WhatsApp. Contact me if you are interested”.

6. Pay per download

This is one method you can use to make money from WhatsApp but it is not well utilized. What happens here is that you can upload files such as pictures, videos, music, games and so on to these websites and they pay you for every download.

7. Drive traffic to your blog

A lot of bloggers make money from WhatsApp by driving traffic from it to their blog. This step first involves you having a blog. You can learn how to create your own blog by reading: How to create a blog in less than 20 minutes (2018).

8. Refer friends to apps

There are apps on Play store that will pay you a small token or offer recharge cards and different rewards if you refer a friend to use it. This is very passive, as income are small but who does not like coke as long as they dont pay for it?. All you need is get the app, refer friends and earn. Because list of such apps is not consistent we have not listed them here, you can search on Google for “apps that pays to refer a friend”.


Why you cannot make money directly from WhatsApp, it is a platform you can capitalize and make money. Some of the methods listed above are very passive and will only earn you little income except you get lucky. Others like Affiliate marketing and selling your own product can get you big money if you are lucky enough to get conversions. Remember, be consistent. We will try to add to this list if we come across any way you can make money from WhatsApp. Soo keep in touch with this page. In the mean time, you can learn other ways to make money online by reading: How to make money online.

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