9 Keys To Poverty; Avoid These And Be Rich

We are always concerned with steps to wealth but today I’m bringing you something different which I titled nine (9) keys to poverty. Some of you might be confused because of the title but when you finish reading I believe it will change your life.

Poverty is known as the direct opposite of riches; it is the state of being poor. A poor man is one who has little money; or not having enough money to meet your daily needs. The prayer of every man is to be rich and not to be poor.

Most people think that poverty comes by mistake but no it comes through ignorance; your inability to know certain things leads to poverty. This article goes mainly to those who are of working class but still finding it difficult to cater for their daily needs. Leave whatever you are doing and look at these keys to poverty, if you are applying any change it in order for you to be rich.

Below are the keys to poverty please readers should endeavor to learn and avoid in order to be rich:

Laziness: there is a popular saying that no food for a lazy man. A lazy man is a man who is unwilling to do work; doing as little as possible. The number one key to poverty is laziness. Money comes when you work and a lazy man is unable to work. Most of you can remember that the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria once called Nigerians youth lazy, which caused a lot of reactions from the youths. If you must be rich, you must be strong.

Lack of research: Research is defined as the creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings. This could include synthesis and analysis of previous research to the extent that it leads to new and creative outcomes. there is of no doubt that if you must lead in the society, you must be a person of research. As days goes by there is an increase in the inventions of different things in our society e.g medicine, technology, science etc. people are always looking for new things and if you are able to be part of these inventions you will be rich. Failure to research leads to poverty; if you stop researching it leads to poverty.

Dependence on People: this is another key to poverty and if you must be rich then you must stop depending on people. Most people who are poor are always depending on people. A rich man works for his own money and people depends on him for money.

Too much sleep: sleep is defined as the natural, easily reversible periodic state of many living things that is marked by the absence of wakefulness and by the loss of consciousness of one’s surroundings, is accompanied by a typical body posture (such as lying down with the eyes closed), the occurrence of dreaming, and changes in brain activity and physiological functioning. it is a key to poverty; while others are working you are sleeping, this is an act that makes people poor in our society. Some people sleep for at least 7 hours and above. Life is not partial; if you must be rich then sleep less.

Stinginess: there is something similar between being stingy and being greedy: to be stingy simply means not generous or liberal sparing or scant in using, giving, or spending. Blessed is the hand that gives than the hand that takes. Giving is a key to prosperity but stinginess or greed is a key to poverty (the choice is yours). Rich people in the society gives to get richer. If you want to be poor just be very stingy and you will see the miracle happening.

Depending fully on the government this is a key most Nigerian youths are applying, that is why you will see many youths in Nigeria are poor. Great icons in the society like Mark (the founder and owner of Facebook), Bill Gates (Microsoft boss) etc never depended on the government for employment opportunity; they took out their time thinking on some ideas that can yield riches. If you want to be poor leave everything you are doing and start focusing on the government for money.

Follow poor people: show me your friend and I will tell you who you are; someone who follows a poor man becomes like the poor man. This ranges from poor mentality, poor working class etc. this key is very effective and if you ever want to be great then drop this habit (key).

Lack of savings: this is another key to poverty. Most people spend money immediately it gets into their hand. Most times its not even for something very essential. People with this attitude get poor easily.

Inability to use your time well: Time is indeed very precious and time spent well is indeed worth it. Use your time wisely because inability for you to use your time well will lead to poverty.

I have given you some keys to poverty. Like I said earlier the choice is yours to make. A man who knows that there are people depending on him to feed will never wish to be poor. Poverty is indeed not a pleasant thing, so I will advice everyone who have spent some of their time read this post to please avoid these keys.

No man knows everything, if you have any question or contribution should be made in the comment box. Also go through the comment box and reply any comment to the best of your knowledge. I pray that poverty will be far from you and your family in Jesus Christ name.

A word is enough for the wise and he that have ears let him hear

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  1. One question is that you are a man with wife since in your life everything you do is not working for you what could cause the problem,and will that type of person progress

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