9 Secrets of getting favour from the Rich

9 Secrets of getting favour from the Rich

Most times we complain and nag about a rich uncle,family friend or wealthy relatives that don’t feel remorse about our current situation. Sometimes it might be our fault and attitude towards the relationship we have with them. 99% of them will bow to your request if you do this:

1. You must learn to call or text them at least once in a week.

2. You must be polite when you speak with them. They are very sensitive and can pick a million faults in just one sentence.

3. Don’t be selfish in your conversation with them.

4. Be sincere to the core.

5. Don’t always call to beg. If they see you as a constant begger, they can even block any communication channel with you.

6. Don’t always look pitiable. Learn to package well. They like that.

7. Praise them. Acknowledge their dressing and looks.

8. Never argue with them. Remain 100% loyal.

9. Finally, always be grateful and thankful.

Dominic Nwodo

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